Custom loader screens for Presenter projects

Have you ever wanted to create a custom loader screen for an Adobe Presenter project? You can and it’s well-documented in the Adobe Presenter online help. However, there is a subtle typo in the documentation that we here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog read about over at the forum on the Acrobat Users web site, and we wanted to share it with you. Read on. . .

The help documentation states that
In the <language id=”en”> section, add the line <uitext name=”ADOBE_PRESENTER” value=”Your_Text”/>, substituting the text you want for “Your_Text.”

Note that the help documentation uses the special open(“) and close(”) quote characters. However if these characters are copy-pasted into the xml file – Presenter will fail to parse it.

Solution – Use the simple double quote character " " (ASCII – 0x22) by manually typing it in.

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