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In the spirit of giving: Connect resources for you!

Person tangled in a variety of eLearning tools

We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog are in full Holiday swing! To celebrate this season of giving, we wanted to share with you a great Connect Professional resource that Adobe offers to our Connect customers, the Connect Pro Resource Center. This is a web site with a variety of excellent resources for you to get the most from your online class, meeting, presentation, or portal built with Adobe Acrobat Connect.

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Start or Attend a Adobe User Group

If you’re like me you might be spending way, way too much time glued to your computer screen learning about Adobe’s tools and technologies. To give you an idea how much time I sit on my buns here in my home office learning our cool tools, I go out and purchase a new home-office chair each year since I wear and tear the heck out of them from Adobe tool learning overuse! So if you haven’t seen the sun or the moon in a few months, or noticed your kids have grown three inches since the last time you saw them you might want to check out another cool way to learn about Adobe tools and that is attending or even starting your very own Adobe User Group.

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! – New Education Channel on Adobe TV!

As an employee of Adobe I sometimes take for granted that educators who are using Adobe tools and technologies know all about our great learning resources we offer such as: live online Acrobat Connect Pro tutorials, pre-recorded webinars, insightful white papers, the many excellent Adobe blogs and much more. One of my all time favorite learning resources to share with educators however is our incredible Adobe TV resource; and even better as of last week Adobe TV has added an Education channel!
So what exactly is Adobe TV? Read on in my Adobe Education Technologies Blog post for today to learn all about it!

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Flash CS4: Motions Preset panel (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Flash CS4: Motions Preset panel, I introduced the Motion Presets panel and demonstrated how it allows you to save as a preset your animation and apply it to an object on the Stage. I also pointed out that we’ve provided a library of prebuilt animations that you can preview before applying.
Well, how about if you want to preview your custom preset? Fortunately Flash CS4 allows you to do precisely that, and in this post I’ll outline the steps.

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CS4 Print Guide is now available!

Hey folks. The people in the Creative Suite marketing unit have completed the CS4 Print Guide. This is a good, solid resource to help you understand how to successfully print from the CS4 applications (or at least create file that will print). We at the Adobe Education Technologies blog thought you might want to give it a look-see. Check it out by following this link: Link to the CS4 Print Guide.

Metadata Schmetadata

So, you may have heard about metadata and wondered what the fuss is about. Well, it’s certainly useful stuff. If you use Bridge or a search engine, you can benefit from it. However, that’s not the topic of this post. This post is about the exact opposite–getting *rid* if metadata (and why you may want to) Read on. . .

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