Extra! Extra! Read all about it! – New Education Channel on Adobe TV!

As an employee of Adobe I sometimes take for granted that educators who are using Adobe tools and technologies know all about our great learning resources we offer such as: live online Acrobat Connect Pro tutorials, pre-recorded webinars, insightful white papers, the many excellent Adobe blogs and much more. One of my all time favorite learning resources to share with educators however is our incredible Adobe TV resource; and even better as of last week Adobe TV has added an Education channel!
So what exactly is Adobe TV? Read on in my Adobe Education Technologies Blog post for today to learn all about it!

Adobe TV is an online video resource dedicated to expert insight and inspiration into Adobe’s many tools and technologies. Adobe TV offers tips, tricks, innovative techniques and behind-the-scenes tours of all things Adobe delivered by way of streaming video right to your desktop by top Adobe trainers, partners and more.
Adobe TV Home Page.jpg
Above is a screen shot of the current Adobe TV Home Page.
Many of the presenters on Adobe TV are world renowned personalities such as whacky Russell Brown who is recognized as a Photoshop Guru. Greg Rewis (previously from Macromedia Inc. which was acquired by Adobe) is well known for his excellent web background and deep knowledge about Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver. Want to know more about Adobe Bridge? Then check out the super video called The Complete Picture by Julieanne Kost, or Flash in a Flash by John Schuman. You can even tune into an Adobe TV show called “After Hours at Adobe” which profiles many Adobe employees including sneak peeks into the amazing things they’re working on and doing with Adobe tools and technologies – and did I mention that all of these great videos are free?
All the video episodes on Adobe TV can be searched by keywords, titles, star ratings, and presenter names including sorting by way of most popular and highest rated. You can even save your favorite episodes, subscribe to them or download them to your desktop for later viewing. A really cool aspect of Adobe TV is you can embed your favorite channel or video into your very own web pages or blog in up to three different size formats; as an example check out the learning Adobe Bridge CS4 video below I embedded into this very blog post.

Above is an example of an embedded Adobe TV video in this blog -very easy to add to your very own!
Currently there are nine Adobe TV channels: Acrobat, Max, Photographers, Designers, Video Professionals, Developers, How To, and the newest, Education. More channels are planned for the near future so check back often to see what gets added. Also there are product specific categories such as: Flash, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Premiere Pro and many more.
So what do you need to view Adobe TV video content? Pretty darn simple! All you need is the free Adobe Flash Player 9 or the free Adobe Media Player, both of which can be downloaded on Adobe’s home page.
Nothing beats free learning so check out Adobe TV today and the new Education Channel and share with your education associates and students.
Happy Adobe TV learning!
Richard John Jenkins

2 Responses to Extra! Extra! Read all about it! – New Education Channel on Adobe TV!

  1. keith says:

    I agree, Adobe TV’s great. Adobe has done a great job providing an interesting variety of instructors who cover all of the ‘dobe programs.
    The one above about Bridge with Kost is very good – great timing since I’ve recently installed CS4 PS/Bridge and wanted more info about the program.
    Thanks Keith. Glad you’re getting value from Adobe TV. Just so you know, our team here on the blog will be doing episodes for Adobe TV’s Education channel in the near future.

  2. DARRYL CLAY says:

    I just think it’s great that the adobe technology lab team has got us on our own adobe channel!!!… I have so many good webinar episodes that would be great with just the right time slot.