Adobe technology and digital forensics

Greetings all,
Some of you might know that before I came on to Adobe (in addition to
teaching and being a professional photographer) I used to consult with law enforcement agencies in the forensic application of Photoshop. As a Systems Engineer on the Education team at Adobe I’m sometimes asked by teachers and students in criminal justice programs, as well as law enforcement agencies, about clarifying detail in a poorly captured image. Moreover, I’m asked about follow-up resources.
I’ve invited some of my forensic analyst friends to guest post in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.
In the meantime, below are some cool links to check out.
Photo forgeries:
1. Adobe Tackles Photo Forgeries.
2. Nova Science Now video on Dartmouth professor Hany Farid and how Adobe is working with him.
3. Fake or Real?
4. Ask the Expert: Hany Farid.
5. Digital Doctoring: How to Tell the Real From the Fake.
1. Forensic scientist stresses fallibility of eyewitnesses.
1. Jim Hoerricks, who is a Forensic Image Analyst from LAPD’s Scientific Investigation
Division and author of Forensic Photoshop
(a comprehensive imaging workflow for forensic professionals), has an excellent blog on Forensic Photoshop.
2. Hany Farid: Papers.
Rick Miller

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. As a side note, I’m beginning to see more nurses and doctors take an interest in my coursework and the book/blog.
    Who knows, as more doctors and nurses pack a point and shoot camera as part of their CYA kit, the processing and clarification of images will become a part of the medical/nursing school curriculum.
    Info on my introduction to Forensic Photoshop e-learning site can be found at
    Thanks again, Rick. Keep up the good work.