Kule New Feature in Kuler!


Have you worked with Kuler yet? Before you read too much further, go try it out (link to Kuler).

You can also access it directly inside Adobe Illustrator CS4 as a way to get inspired about or just share color (see how). We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog use it on occasion when we are looking for our own inspiration, and we were pleasantly surprised at the latest update to Kuler called Community Pulse.

                                A screen grab of the pulse interface, featuring the color wheel.

The screenshot shows Community Pulse in action, namely the popularity of colors downloaded in the USA (l) and Brazil (r) in Spring 2008. Larger circles and bars indicate more popular colors (i.e., themes with those colors were downloaded more often).

Pulse is a data visualization that displays colors of downloaded Kuler themes on a color wheel. Users can explore the relative popularity of colors by different countries, time periods, and tags. Offering users another way to explore color, Community Pulse is being released as a beta feature.

There is a lot of data packed into the feature. To get started:

  • Sign in with your Adobe ID to change the menu options
  • Mouse over the histogram to see colors by hue on the color wheel
  • Try the granularity slider to see more or less color detail
  • Select the comparison icon (two circles) to compare/contrast views

If you have questions, see Kuler Help (link to Kuler help).

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