Free Adobe Instructional Resources

The number one request I hear more than any other from educators who use our tools and technologies is “where can I get low cost or free training on your tools?” I’m happy to report that Adobe has some outstanding Instructional Resources available for many of our tools and they are also free.
Screen shot above shows just a few examples of our .PDF Guides which you can download for free.

In fact, several of these resources are yearlong, project-based curriculum “guides” on our tools in Acrobat .PDF format which you can easily download. These .PDF guides which are located on our Adobe Education web pages are listed under Resources.
They are divided up between Higher Education & K12 Education. The guides include instructor project guidelines, presentations, and reproducible student materials. You can download individual projects or the entire curriculum.
If you’re looking for even more Adobe Instructional Resources, check out my blog post on web based video training. I’ve heard back from many educators who read my post about these and found this post valuable.
Richard John Jenkins

One Response to Free Adobe Instructional Resources

  1. Hi,
    I would like to get a good high-level overview of Flash.
    Note, I’m NOT looking for how to make a Flash file or code in AS.
    I’m looking for the following type of information:
    – Flash architecture and software layering
    – how Flash interfaces to other sw in the PC/device (Flash engine, OS, IP stack, browsers, PC/device resources, drivers, HW abstraction layer)
    – Flash compilation
    – memory management/access (if relevant)
    – threads (if relevant)
    – interactions with other Adobe tools
    – application of UPnP and DLNA in Flash
    – etc….
    Well, you get the picture…
    Can you please point me to an Adobe course (even if a commercial one) on those subjects? (I’m located in the Netherlands)
    Thanks in advance
    Hi Pasquale,
    Frankly I’m not aware of some of the Flash elements you are enquring about. Hopefully some of the other folks who read this post can comment here and help you out.