The Adobe Configurator for Photoshop CS4

We, at the Adobe Technologies blog had the good fortune to attend Photoshop World in Boston (link to the Photoshop World website) last week (sorry Rick!), and it was fantastic! Scott and the rest of the NAPP crew did a fantastic job of bringing together thousands of passionate Photoshop users and partners. However, I digress. Russel brown showed off a new tool that I really think can help you out if you teach (or use for that matter) Photoshop CS4. Get the Configurator at the Labs website Read on to see more:

By allowing you to create a panel that contains buttons to activate functionality along with text to explain their use, you can build lessons into Photoshop directly. The Configurator is very easy to use. The interface even tells you what to do:


From there, you can quickly add tools and text to get to:



Then, you can install it into Photoshop and get to:



It’s easy and fun. Give it a try.

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