An Evening with Terry White

First off, if you haven’t read Terry White’s technology blog, you should surf on over and have a look (link to Terry’s blog).

Terry has been covering technology for a long time, and has some interesting perspectives on its use. He will often tell you that he doesn’t just work here at Adobe (he is a Director in the Systems Engineering group, helping us to better connect our workflow to your issues), but he is a true fan of the software we all promote under his guidance.

During this week’s blog, I want to highlight his evening-with. Tomorrw night (April 28th), Terry will offer an open web session to cover his Lightroom workflow, and if you are looking for a real world example of a digital photography workflow, check this session out. Read on for the details:

An Evening with Terry White – My Lightroom 2 Workflow

I will take you through my Lightroom workflow from start to finish. We’ll even detour over to Photoshop for a quick portrait retouch. You’ll see how I bring my photos in, organize them in catalogs, pick my favorite ones, bounce over to Photoshop as needed and deliver proofs and the final images to the client.


When and where? R.S.V.P.?


This second evening will be Tuesday, April 28th @ 7PM E.T. and it will take place via Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. Here’s the URL:


Sign on as a GUEST with your real name. While there is no pre-registration required, this session will be limited to 100 attendees. So it’s first come, first served. I advise you to log in 15 minutes before the 7PM start time as I plan to start on time.



If you would like to see an example of a previous session, you can watch a recording:

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