Quickly Fix Common Photo Issues with Adobe Photoshop Elements


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After importing photos into the Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer you may need to make adjustments to ensure your photos look their best. You can quickly and effectively resolve common photo issues with a single click of a button. Simply choose the purple Fix tab located in the upper-right of your screen.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Fix tab in Organizer

Select one or more photos in your organizer and then choose a Fix button. Not sure which button to click?

  • Auto Smart Fix analyzes photos and corrects problems commonly caused by poor exposure, contrast, color balance, and color saturation
  • Auto Color analyzes photos and corrects common problems in color balance, such as the greenish tint in photos taken under fluorescent lamps, or the bluish tint in photos taken outdoors while using indoor-lighting camera settings
  • Auto Levels analyzes photos and corrects common problems in luminance, such as the lack of detail in photos that were under- or overexposed
  • Auto Contrast analyzes photos and corrects common contrast problems, such as the lack of distinction between bright and dark areas
  • Auto Sharpen analyzes photos and corrects common focus problems, such as blurriness caused by poor camera focus
  • Auto Red Eye Fix finds red pupils in photo subjects and changes them to a natural black
  • Crop opens a dialog box where you can define and remove unwanted portions of a photo, and you can also rotate photos here

Along with quickly applying changes to your photos, these buttons also protect your original photos by creating an edited copy. Both the original photo and the edited copy will be stacked together into a version set in the Organizer.

4 Responses to Quickly Fix Common Photo Issues with Adobe Photoshop Elements

  1. Luann Budd says:

    Often I’ve found that Photoshop Elements doesn’t recognize a red eye problem that I can clearly see. I find it difficult then to go in and edit the red eye manually. Suggestion?
    You can use the Full Edit environment and the Red Eye Removal Tool for more refined adjustments.
    -Patrick Koster

  2. Steve Lee says:

    How to disable or turn off the “auto red-eye fix” in Photoshop Elements 5.0? Because it make a lot of my pictures in “Black Eye”. The red-eye fix doesn’t work very well. It finds red eyes in all kinds of places, just not where they actually are. Sometimes it covers half the face, sometimes only half of the eye
    There a checkbox for auto red eye fix in the image import dialog box. Check out the Red Eye Removal tool for more precision:

  3. Julie Padbury says:

    I just upgraded to PSE 8. I had PSE 6. I never had problems with PSE 6. I have Windows 7. I am having major problems with the organizer and editor. Mainly…when I click once on a tool or album, it opens up the wrong thing or acts as if I double clicked on it. I will be trying to tag things and it will instead select the album and open that up instead of tagging just the photo I am clicking on.

  4. Rebekah says:

    I just bought the Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. I was so excited as the version I had was the 3.0. However, I am finding very hard to use…primarily the red eye correction. Two of my kids have glasses and the auto red eye does not recognize the red eyes through the glasses and it won’t even let me correct them automatically. Any advice?? because it is pretty much worthless to me this way. Thanks! Rebekah