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Adobe == Collaboration

There is a storm brewing, folks, and it isn’t going to just blow over. As fuel prices (here in the US anyway) start the uphill, summer climb, budgets for travel sink lower, and the amount of work we need to accomplish at very best stays the same, we need to figure out how to do our jobs while working with our colleagues around campus or around the globe. We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog have been asked to do more of our work from home, and we love it! However, it is difficult to confer and present with colleagues because we often need to edit the presentation together, yet there is no way to justify the trip across the country to do so. When the economy turns around, among the strewn bits of jetsam that any storm leaves, we need to find a better ways to work corroboratively, pick them up, and use them make our work more efficient in any economy.

Adobe is noticing this along with everyone else—and we are doing something about it. The latest effort has me floored. It’s called Adobe Presentations and it’s a true software as a service (SaaS) product. If you have ever worked with PowerPoint or Keynote, then you will know what it does. However, it’s the “how-it-does-it” that has us floored. First off, you can give it a spin by going to the new labs site of Link to Adobe Presentations. Take a look at the Welcome presentation sample that you can use to get started (this a PDF exported from that presentation and uploaded to SHARE):

However, to understand how this will become a new port in the coming storm, read on.

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InDesign CS4 tip: Power Zoom

InDesign CS4 provides a pretty cool way to quickly scroll through your document pages. Using the grabber hand, you can zoom in or out and scroll through your entire document. This feature is especially useful for long documents.

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New Closed Captioning tool for Connect Pro


We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog are happy to announce an update to the Closed Captioning Pod that is freely available at the Connect Exchange on (link to the exchange). The Closed Captioning Pod now offers people who want to use freelancers with the WGBH CaptionKeeper software to provide line-21 caption data to the pod. Get the details and grab the pod here: Link to the pod page.

New Adobe Story and the Future of Script Writing

My Story
When I was twelve years old I lived one block away from Desilu and Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. While I was twelve I also was very fortunate as a kid to get a very cool job at this time in my life and that job was as a paperboy for a Los Angeles daily newspaper called the Herald Examiner. My new paper route focused on delivering the Examiner to subscribers of the paper in residential homes and apartment buildings in my neighborhood, but it also included a few commercial stops to; a popular radio station called KHJ, a restaurant and bar called Nick O’Dells, and to my utter amazement the two movie studios which were a stone’s throw from where I lived!
Pictured above is new Adobe Story, an off/online collabrative script writing tool.

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