InDesign CS4 tip: Power Zoom

InDesign CS4 provides a pretty cool way to quickly scroll through your document pages. Using the grabber hand, you can zoom in or out and scroll through your entire document. This feature is especially useful for long documents.

1. Click the Hand tool.
To activate the grabber hand, you can also hold down the spacebar or hold down Alt/Option while in text mode.
2. With the grabber hand active, click and hold down the mouse button.
The document zooms out so that you can see more of the spread. A red box indicates the view area.
3. With the mouse button still held down, drag the red box to scroll through the document pages. Press arrow keys or use the mouse scroll wheel to change the size of the red box.
4. Release the mouse button to zoom in on the new area of the document.
The document window returns to its original zoom percentage or to the size of the red box.
For more information on Power Zoom in InDesign CS4 check out an article written by James Dempsey, check out his article on MacWorld:
Rick Miller

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