New beta software on Labs

Hey folks, a quickie here for you this morning. There are new tools available for you on Adobe Labs [link to].
Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and the Flex 4 SDK are all live on Adobe Labs
this morning, and we here at the Adobe Education blog wanted you be in know ASAP. Read on for more information:

Now available on Adobe Labs are the public beta releases of Adobe Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder), Adobe Flash Catalyst and the Flex 4 Framework. Flash Builder 4 is the next evolution of Flex Builder, and includes a long list of feature improvements, new data-centric development features, and a new design-develop workflow with Flash Catalyst. Flash Catalyst, also now available in public beta, is a new interaction design tool for rapidly building application user interfaces without coding. Both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst are based on the updated Flex 4 framework, also available for beta download.
Visit Adobe Labs <>  to find out more and to download the installers.

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