Some Widget fun with Captivate 4


Adobe Captivate 4 has a new feature called “Widgets” which are a collection of Flash-created SWF files that you can add to your projects. Captivate ships with a bunch of them, and one of them in particular—the Certificate widget—is pretty fun. With it, you can offer a certificate to someone who passes a quiz you have created. There is even a button to print the certificate so you can proudly display your certificate of completion. We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog built one called the Certificator, and you can see it in action by clicking the following link (link to the certificator: To learn more about how this was created, grab the Captivate project files, and start learning how to create your own widgets, read on. . .

First, how this project was created.

It starts as a simple Captivate project quiz. The Quiz has only one True or False question and no score slide (set the Quiz Settings preferences not to show the score slide). The question is a scored question.

I also have a Text Entry Box (TEB) slide to start the quiz. The TEB is not validated, and I associated the TEB field with a variable. In the TEB’s properties dialog box, under the Advanced tab, type v_Name for Variable Associated.

After the question, I inserted a blank slide and onto the slide, I dropped a Widget (Insert: Widget). From the Gallery of widgets that ship with Captivate (C: Program Files/Adobe/Captivate 4/Gallery/Widgets) and named the "course" in the widget’s Properties dialog box. The properties dialog box explains how to set up the Text Entry field (which is how I knew to associate the TEB with a variable named v_Name).

The last step I took was to set the question to jump past the certificate page if you answer "incorrectly" (not awesome). You don’t get a certificate if you are not awesome.

That is pretty much it. Widgets are very easy to use, and there are many of them from which to choose.

Now, if you are more of a Flash guru and you want to make your own widget, check out the posting on the Captivate user’s blog (link to the Captivate user’s blog:

Finally, if you want the Captivate files, grab them from Share at (link to the files: You can deconstruct them and see how I built them or modify them for your own projects.

It’s our gift to you from the Adobe Education Technologies blog team. Enjoy!

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  1. Jamie Lee says:

    It’s cool! I’d tried it and it worked!