How to Create a “Connect Card” with Presenter 7!

Two years ago at an education conference I met way cool Dave Forrester, a school counselor at Olympia High School in Olympia, Washington. After the conference ended Dave and I decided to stay in touch. Dave handed me a thumb drive just before we departed and said it contained his “Connect Card,” his virtual business card that had all his contact information on it and more. Now I had never heard of a Connect Card but when Dave informed me it was created with our very own Presenter 7 software I was eager to check it out.

After arriving back at my home office I fired up Dave’s Card. I was so impressed by what Dave had created with our Presenter 7 tools I decided to create my very own too. In fact now in every outbound Outlook email I send to educators there is a link to my Connect Card so K12 educators that I work with can easily get in touch with me and learn all about Adobe in K12 education.
Just so you know, Presenter 7 is not a stand along software tool like for example, Photoshop; it’s a plug-in for Microsoft’s Power Point and works in conjunction with Power Point’s slides. It’s perfect for making presentations, eLearning content and has a wonderful and easy to use quiz creation tool set that communicates with popular LMS (learning management systems).
Since I created my Connect Card I’ve been contacted by dozens of educators (even Adobe coworkers) asking me to show them how to create one. I decided the best way to do this was to create a series of online demos using our terrific Captivate CS4 tool to show & tell you all how to make one.
Below are five separate demo movies on how to create your own Connect Card, plus a few eductor’s cards (including Daves) that are complete.
Please note, these are big movies with sound, meaning they are large files and wil take some time to load into your browser for viewing – go get a Starbuck’s coffee and come back tommorow to see them (just kidding! It only takes minutes).


Connect Card Demonstration Movies: Total running time – 28:30
How to Create a Connect Card Part 1 (4:20)
How to Create a Connect Card Part 2 (8:30)
How to Create a Connect Card Part 2-B (4:30)
How to Create a Connect Card Part 3 (4:45)
How to Create a Connect Card Part 3-B (6:30)

Judy Durkin’s Connect Card
Dave Forrester’s Connect Card
Richard John Jenkins’ Connect Card

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about making a Connect Card, or our Presenter 7 or Captivate CS4 tools.

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