New APP for iPhone!

What’s incredibly easy and fun to use so your students and you can share & store your priceless photos on your iPhone with the world? The brand spanking new application for Apple’s iPhone!

Not only can you instantly upload photos you’ve taken with your iPhone or stored in your iPhone’s Camera Roll, you can even edit them on the fly right smack on your phone before you share them; you can also view thousands of photos that you may have in your account directly from your iPhone including running a slideshow of them even though they are stored on the web.
All you need to do to get stared is to simply open a free account (link below) and download the app from the Apple Store (link below). Once you have the app on your iPhone simply fire it up, take a picture or two, and edit them with features like: crop, rotate, color change, and sketch – you can even add effects like black & white. Once done simply upload your pictures to your free account – it’s that easy. for iPhone

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