Three’s a Charm! Syncing, Sharing, Backing Up Photos & Videos with Photoshop/Premiere Elements 8 and

Imagine you’re a Science or Marine Biology classroom teacher who wants to help your students learn about Orca Killer Whales. You assign your students a project to do some research about Orcas on the web, write up a paper or two about the whales, and best of all since your high school is located not far from the Pacific ocean in the North West area of our country you arrange a fun and exciting field trip.Your students and you board a ocean worthy vessel. Your students take tons of photos and videos of actual killer whales with their digital video & still cameras in their natural habitat to use in their projects.
Now imagine you’re back in your classroom after the field trip with your excited students; all your students have these great photos & movies of Orcas on all kinds of cameras including photos & videos they’ve taken with their camera equipped mobile phones or PDAs. Your students are giddy as heck to share their photos & whale movies with each other as well as use the images for their Orca projects. You’ve asked them to create multimedia slideshows of the whale photos, edit their movies, copy and paste the images into their papers and maybe even post a few images on a web page or two as part of an online gallery.
If you’re like me you may be thinking (or in my case complaining!) what I would have to do next is to get all the photos & videos put in one place (part of a workflow) so the kids could see all the pics & movies all together. I would then have to collect all those digital camera’s SD cards, copy and paste all of the kid’s photos/videos off of each card on to one computer, or I could plug one end of a USB cable into each camera and the other end into my computer and transfer all the photos/videos through the cable to one folder on my desktop – either way a very, very time consuming pain in the butt chore!

And don’t forget several of your students have some great photos & videos on their cell phones and PDAs. Getting these photos/movies on to one computer too adds even more work for you. You’re going to most likely want to back up all the photos & videos to an external drive or burn a DVD of them too. Bottom line is if you’re like me you might be thinking there’s GOT to be a simpler, faster, painless better way to do all this!?
Photoshop/Premiere Elements 8 and Photoshop.Com to the Rescue!
You may have learned that Adobe released its latest version of Photoshop/Premiere Elements version 8 fairly recently (also part of Adobe’s Digital School Collection for K12). This latest release has several great new features in them, but my favorite hands down is a fantastic new feature that condenses the entire workflow I mentioned above into a few mouse clicks that automatically syncs, shares, and backs up all of your photos & videos across multiple computers in your classroom, or for that matter any where in the world. This new feature in the Element 8 “twins” acts like a “hub” working in conjunction with Adobe’s online service (free or low cost yearly subscription fee).
In a nutshell what you do to set this simplified workflow up is to simply create a catalog or album in your Organizer of Photoshop/Premiere Elements 8, turn on syncing for the catalog or album and everything in the catalog/album (your photos & videos) will automatically be uploaded/backed up to your online photo albums (you must be hooked up to the internet for this to work).
After your photos & videos have been uploaded you simply share your account with others (your students as an example) and as long as they have a copy of Photoshop/Premiere Elements 8 running locally, you can give them access to all the photos & videos you uploaded to your account which will then automatically download photos and videos to their own catalogs and albums on their computers (or your entire school computer lab) anywhere in the world.
What this means is you no longer have to transfer anything (unless you have a killer photo of a killer whale!), your students can do the transfers to the shared catalog or album. You can sit back and relax as all of their photos & videos automatically populate into the catalog/album you have on as well as on your own computer.
Best of all with the new App for mobile devices (including Apple’s cool iPhone), you can upload photos & videos directly from cell phones & PDAs to shared albums online including seeing thousands of images you have online right from your mobile device, including editing the images and running a slideshow of the online images right smack from your mobile device!
Below are some great online resources to help get started learning about and setting up the back up, sync, and sharing features of Photoshop/Premiere Elements 8 and
Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 8
Down Load the Trial or Learn More About Them Here Online Account
Open a FREE Account Here App for Mobile Devices
Download App for Your Moble Device Here
Excellent Videos of How To Use Photoshop Elements 8
See Them Here
Nice Video Demo Below on How It All Comes Together

Hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I had fun writing it!
Richard John Jenkins

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