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Adobe BrowserLab for Dreamweaver

I have recently downloaded the Adobe BrowserLab extension for Dreamweaver at I like the idea of being able to test how the CSS will render on different browsers/platforms without having to have all these browsers and versions be installed on my machine. One feature I particularly like is the ability to display not just a side-by-side comparison of the page render on 2 different browsers, but to display the 2 renders on top of each other as onion skins. It is amazing that sometimes 2 CSS renderings may seem to look identical on different browsers. Yet when put on top of each other, the pixel shift becomes apparent.
If you are Dreamweaver users, I would highly recommend you download the extension and give this a try. It is free trial for now. Hope yo would like it.

Adobe furthers its commitment to green technology with wind turbines

As part of Adobe’s ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and utilizing green technologies to offset power usage, Adobe recently installed 20 Windspire® wind turbines to generate renewable energy through the “wind tunnel” that exists between Adobe’s three downtown San Jose towers.
The Windspire® wind turbines were manufactured by Mariah Power of Reno, Nevada.
Link to the story in the San Jose Mercury News.

What? Another cool tool on labs, you say?

Yes. Yes we do say. We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog love labs. Whenever we feel like facing a new challange and playing with some cool, new tools, we drift on over the Adobe Labs (link to Adobe Labs) and check it out. A new tool we found there got us very excited, so we wanted to share it with you.

Adobe WorkflowLab (beta)

It can be used for planning out project tasks and overall workflow and organize thoughts for project post-mortems or to learn about best practices using built-in workflow starting points. Go grab it for yourself and have a look (link to the WorkflowLab beta)


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