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Prolific Powerhouse Profile – Terry White!

This is the first post of a new series of profiles of Prolific Powerhouse People who use Adobe tools and technologies in a creative way. Feel free to inform me if you know of someone who is doing amazing things with Adobe technologies within HiEd or K12 education or beyond.
Photo by Joe McNally
If you’re like me trying to stay on top of all the amazing Adobe tools and technologies can be frankly a daunting task! Case in point Adobe just announced our CS5 suite of tools that will be available soon. As an Adobe employee my main focus right now is to quickly get up to speed on as many of them and their amazing features as I can before we actually start shipping the products; issue is I still have more to learn about our current CS4 tools. Thank goodness for Terry White!

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Editing a scanned PDF doc with Acrobat

Another question I got asked was how to edit a PDF doc, especially one that has been scanned in. The short answer is: Yes, you can edit a PDF doc with Acrobat, provided it has not been protected. In general, you can use the TouchUp Text Tool (under the Tools/Advanced Editing submenu) to select and edit the text.
If the doc is scanned in as a bitmap, you can use Acrobat OCR-Text Recongition feature to turn the text image into selectable text. Most likely, the text font won’t be recognised and if you use TouchUp Text Tool to select and edit the text, Acrobat will tell you that you don’t have the right font to let you edit the text.
Don’t give it up just yet. If the TouchUp Text Tool allows you to select the text, then there is still hope.You can then use the TouchUp Text tool to right-click the selected text to bring up the Properties dialog box. Select the Text tab and there you can change the font to any system fonts that you have. Bingo! You can now edit the text as usual.
Note that the apprearance will differ depending on the replacement font you choose. Still this little tip may come in handy when don’t have the original file to work with.

Adding Audio Comment to your PDF file

I was at an education conference yesterday and was showing the Commenting feature of Acrobat 9. A teacher asked me if she can add audio annotation to the PDF for comment and review purpose. Interestingly, there is no option for audio comment at the Comment and Mark Up toolbar. I thought it was possible so I searched around the file menus. Nothing from the Comments Menu. But after some more digging, I found it. It was available at the Tools/Comment and Markup submenu. No very obvious I may say. But it is there. Hopefully that is a little feature that mya be of use to you.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Global Online Launch Event Announced

You will not want to miss this…RSVP now for the CS5 global online launch event happening April 12 on Adobe TV. Be one of the first in the world to see new game-changing features and hear Adobe community feedback (event lasts approximately 30 minutes).

Lightroom 3 beta 2 available!

Lightroom 3 beta 2 available
From the Adobe Lightroom Team:
“The team would like to thank the 350,000+ photographers who have downloaded the Lightroom 3 beta and provided feedback on the new improvements. We’ve worked on improving several key areas and have prepared a second public beta of Lightroom 3 as we get closer to our final release”.
Here’s a quick summary of what’s new in this release:

  • Improved performance throughout the application for faster importing and loading of images
  • Native tethered shooting support for select Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras
  • Luminance noise reduction has been added to the previous color noise reduction improvements available in the first public beta for outstanding overall high ISO quality
  • Support for importing and managing video files from DSLR cameras for better overall photographic workflow control
  • Improvements to the import experience in the first beta to reflect public feedback
  • Improved watermarking functionality from the first beta to reflect public feedback

Please read the following for additional details that are also included in the release notes for this update.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Printing Guide

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Printing Guide

Adobe digital photography white papers and primers

Very cool: Batch Printing PDFs (and other files) using Acrobat 9

An advantage of working with PDFs is reducing our dependence on the printed paper which is costly and not environmentally friendly. However, there are times when you’ll need to print your PDF document and that is as easy as clicking the Print icon in Acrobat or Reader. But what if you’d like to batch print PDFs and other files from Acrobat? No problem, Adobe’s Rick Borstein has a blog (Acrobat for Legal Professionals) that outlines batch printing PDFs (and other files) using Acrobat 9.

Easy Flash with New Flash Catalyst!

Flash Catalyst Logo.jpg
I attend a lot of education conferences all over the U.S. as part of my job for Adobe Systems. Typically I will demonstrate our award winning tools to educators at these conferences in our trade show booth which usually has a small theater set up in it so conference attendees can watch half hour demos of our tools and learn all about the amazing features they have.
After my demonstrations I always get several folks who come up to me and ask the same two questions repeatedly no matter what conference I’m attending or in what part of the country I’m in. The first question typically is “Richard, where can I find affordable training on Adobe Tools?” In regards to this question I wrote a whole blog post about it here called Teacher’s Pet – A List of Affordable and Free Adobe Tools Training. The second question (which is the topic of this blog post) for the most part is “Richard, I love Adobe’s tools, but they have such a steep learning curve, especially Flash!”

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