Adding Audio Comment to your PDF file

I was at an education conference yesterday and was showing the Commenting feature of Acrobat 9. A teacher asked me if she can add audio annotation to the PDF for comment and review purpose. Interestingly, there is no option for audio comment at the Comment and Mark Up toolbar. I thought it was possible so I searched around the file menus. Nothing from the Comments Menu. But after some more digging, I found it. It was available at the Tools/Comment and Markup submenu. No very obvious I may say. But it is there. Hopefully that is a little feature that mya be of use to you.

3 Responses to Adding Audio Comment to your PDF file

  1. Ali Hanyaloglu says:

    It is not on the Comment & Markup toolbar by default, but it can be easily added. Just right-click on a gray area of the toolbar and choose “More tools…” You can then add the Record Audio Comment tool to the toolbar by selecting it in the list, and customize all the other toolbars too. This is also available in the free Adobe Reader for when PDF files have been enabled for commenting in Acrobat Pro or Pro Extended.

  2. Keep in mind you can also add comments right smack on top of your imported video clips within your .PDF too. This is really great when you need to jump to a section of video instead of having to watch the clip and wait until it gets to the parts you want to view.

  3. Scott Kinder says:

    On the Mac, running Snow Leopard at least, this feature will truncate the recording without any notification. I’ve notified support, but even with the recent 9.4 update, this happens quite frequently. Anyone with similar issues?