Prolific Powerhouse Profile – Terry White!

This is the first post of a new series of profiles of Prolific Powerhouse People who use Adobe tools and technologies in a creative way. Feel free to inform me if you know of someone who is doing amazing things with Adobe technologies within HiEd or K12 education or beyond.
Photo by Joe McNally
If you’re like me trying to stay on top of all the amazing Adobe tools and technologies can be frankly a daunting task! Case in point Adobe just announced our CS5 suite of tools that will be available soon. As an Adobe employee my main focus right now is to quickly get up to speed on as many of them and their amazing features as I can before we actually start shipping the products; issue is I still have more to learn about our current CS4 tools. Thank goodness for Terry White!

There is no shortage of fantastic educational training resources available to you to learn Adobe tools including outstanding online training companies like:,,, or our very own AdobeTV. Also the dozens of book publishers like Adobe Press or Peach Pit Press who offers superb books on our tools.
But even after enjoying all of these excellent learning resources you may still find like me wanting to locate a top Adobe guru to help you along the way; a trusted Adobe advisor if you will who can teach you all kinds of cool things about Adobe tools beyond just books and videos, meaning a real guy you can count on who is always available and reachable.
Time and time again when I have that need I find that I keep returning to a single person who fits this bill remarkably and that person is Adobe’s Worldwide Design Evangelist, Terry White.
Terry White may not be that familiar to you if most of your Adobe learning is within the confines of education, but within the worlds of photography, commercial art and design Terry is extremely well known and very popular. Take Twitter & Facebook as an example, Terry has 3,390 followers on Twitter and 1,377 fans on Facebook (both growing fast). Terry White is an absolute powerhouse of great information about all things Adobe (including another big love of his beyond Adobe – the Apple iPhone & iPod).
Terry White is also one of the most prolific evangelists for Adobe hands down (see list below with links). He host & authors multiple blogs, web sites, writes tons of books, tweets, authors Facebook pages, contributes to several magazines about Adobe tools, conducts Adobe Connect webinars, speaks at Adobe and other events, seminars, workshops and conferences world-wide, founded and leads a top monthly user group, creates online video training for AdobeTV, publishes an award-winning Adobe Creative Suite pod cast and more.WOW! Does this guy ever sleep!?
Frankly I don’t know how he does it with his crazy world-wide travel schedule that Adobe has him on, family duties and more. But somehow Terry does in fact multi-task it all and I admire him greatly for it (but then again maybe he has several Terry clones!). So again if you’re looking for a great consistant person to learn Adobe tools and technologies from check out anything Terry is up too.
I’ve created a list of links below to many (but not all) of the excellent training and learning resources Terry White authors around Adobe tools and technologies. Be sure to check out his outstanding iPhone APPS web site too (one of my very favorite Terry White resources) and for sure follow him on Twitter.
– Richard John Jenkins
List of Great Terry White Resources:
Terry White’s Tech Blog
Adobe Creative Suite Pod Cast
Columnist for Layers Magazine
Writer for X-Ology Magazine
Secrets of the Adobe Bridge
Co Author of The iPhone Book with Scott Kelby ( 1st 2nd & 3rd Editions)
Learn the Adobe Suite with Terry White iPhone App or iPod Touch
InDesign CS/CS2 Killer Tips.
Facbook Page!/terrywhite?ref=ts
Terry White Videos on Adobe TV
Terry White MacGroup-Detroit (User Group)
Terry White’s Must Have/Best APP Site:
Terry Whites Photoshop Essentials Adobe Connect Webinar (

3 Responses to Prolific Powerhouse Profile – Terry White!

  1. Tom Person says:

    I agree Terry is a prolific writer, educator and shaman of all things creative with Adobe technology and other technologies too. If you ever get a chance to attend a live or web session where Terry is presenting make time on your calendar to be there and you WILL learn something new.

  2. lakshwin says:

    Myself created an website by using adobe muse. After i finished my design. i export my design as HTML file. But when i preview my website in Internet Explorer, Images which i used in my design is not support. i need a solution for that problem. Also how can i preview my design in google chrome.

    • Steve Adler says:

      TO preview in another browser, one option is to drag your index (main) page file onto the chrome’s browser window and it will preview