Adobe CS5 Enterprise Deployment Tool now available

For installing CS5 on a large network, we now have the Adobe Application Manager, Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) to facilitate the process. It is a simple to use program that enable IT administrator to create msi (for Win) and pkg (for Mac) package for rolling out CS5 across the school networks. Below is a screenshot to show some of the packaging options:
AAMEE is free for our volumn license customers. The Windows version and the Mac preview version are now available at:
Note that you would still need to use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) on Windows (ConfigMgr) or Apple Remote Desktop™ (ARD) on the Mac to deploy the package to remote computers. And that you can only use the AAMEE Win to create msi package and AAMEE mac to create pkg package.
Give it a try. It is so easy.

38 Responses to Adobe CS5 Enterprise Deployment Tool now available

  1. Ryan says:

    The AAMEE seems to work fine for the base installs. How do we include patches in these deployments so they are installed silently as well?

  2. Chatham Schools says:

    For users with the Master Collection, it does not seem if there are easy options to deploy CS4 Premiere/AE (for 32 bit) or Acrobat Pro 9?
    Are there any other tools to easily deploy both, besides reverting back to the CS4 installer? Otherwise, the AAMEE seems to work really well.
    Thank You

  3. Brian Chau says:

    Thanks for your feedback. The initial version of AAMEE doesn’t support updates or patches yet.

  4. Brian Chau says:

    Yes, AAMEE is only for CS5 and doesn’t support Acrobat 9 and CS4 software.

  5. Andrew says:

    Hi, We do not use SCCM, is the msi created by this tool able to be deployed as usual using group policy?

  6. Bjarke Nielsen says:

    I have installed aamee, but when i run it i get i window with some buttons, but no text at all.
    Anybody got a clue what it could be?

  7. Chandan says:

    Hi Bjarke,
    Thanks for reporting this issue!
    Please help us in issue-investigation by sharing some more information. (my email-id is: csingh at adobe dot com)
    1. What is the platforn on which you encountered this issue? (Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Mac 10.5.x/Mac 10.6.x)
    2. Please share PDApp.log with us. Location of this file is:
    Windows: %temp%\PDApp.log
    Mac: ~/Library/Logs/PDApp.log
    3. Please re-download Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) and perform reinstall. Let us know if it works after reinstall.
    4. Are you facing this issue on any other machine?
    It would be great if you can share any additional information which you might think could be helpful to us.
    Thanks again,

  8. Chandan says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Currently, Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition generated MSI is certified only for SCCM managed installations.
    Having said that, we would definitely like to know and evaluate your requirement so please share it with us.

  9. Chandan says:

    Just an FYI for all,
    Please read Deployment-Guide ( before using Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition.

  10. Tim says:

    Is AAMEE going to support Acrobat 9 in future? It seems kind of stupid to have to create an extra package just for one app out of the whole suite.
    Is Acrobat 9 likely to be included in the installers anytime soon as well? I’m planning on rebuilding 200+ machines in the near future with 10.6 and CS5 Design Premium. I don’t want to have to install or package up Acrobat 9 from the CS4 installer.

  11. Dominik says:

    Great tool, but its too bad that it doesn’t work with the standard edition… I’m really getting frustrated deploying CS5 Standard silently… Why did Adobe not include the “SkipProcessCheck=1” Option in CS5??? AAAAHH!!!

  12. Brian Chau says:

    AAMEE should work for all the CS5 suites as well as point products. Can you elaborate your problem in creating the package file for the design standard?

  13. Brian Chau says:

    The AAMEE FAQ specifically mentioned that you would need to use the Acrobat Install Wizard to package Acrobat 9. So I wouldn’t place my bet on AAMEE supporting Acrobat 9. I maybe wrong of course.

  14. Chandan says:

    Hi Dominik,
    Yes, it should work for CS5 standard family. What is the issue you are encountering? Please share with me your AAMEE deployment issue on my email address: csingh at adobe dot com.

  15. Andrew says:

    Hi Chandan, the requirement was to deploy the msi created with AAMEE via gpo software installation package. However, we have been able to successfully deploy silent installs using the set-up.exe method so it’s not essential that the msi deployment via gpo works.
    @Dominiq, we sometimes had to use “taskkill /im reader_sl.exe /f” to kill the speed launcher process that was running on some machines. You can find out what the process error is by opening [system drive]\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers folder and extracting the log file then viewing it for errors.

  16. ChristophM says:


    I still don´t see a possibility to get a silent installation working via GPO: Tried to create a MSI wrapper who executes the set-up.exe with the parameters described in but doesn´t work. (set-up.exe-command line is fine because it works when entered directly in cmd). I think the reason is that the set-up.exe tries to execute some MSIs itself but Micrsoft Installer is already used by the mapper!?
    The MSI created with the Enterprise Deployment Tool can be installed via cmd with msiexec /i “\\bla\bla\blub.msi” /silent too but doesn´t install when added to a GPO. Don´t know why…

    Any ideas? Is anybody successful with deploying CS5 via GPO and can offer a tutorial? Or does Adobe plan to increase the capabilities of the Enterprise Deployment Tool to offer GPO-compatible MSIs?


  17. Nas Hamid says:

    An Adobe support person apparently told one of my IT colleagues yesterday that Adobe are stopping any future development of Enterprise Deployment Tools for the Mac platform.

    Is this true?


  18. Chandan says:

    On launching AAMEE, some users may encounter User-Interface with no-text present on it.
    This is a known issue and it haapens ONLY if you try to invoke on an *UNSUPPORTED LOCALE* of Windows/Mac OS.

  19. Vini says:

    Can’t deploy a .PKG with ARD. ARD errors with “could not be installed . Error message: “Installing Adobe Setup” Admin machine Mac OS 10.5.8 client 10.5.8, ARD version 3.2.2

    Thank you,


  20. Neil says:

    To install an Adobe Creative Suite 5 Update on Windows OS Silently , do the following:

    1. Download the update

    2. To execute patch in silent mode use “–mode=silent” as command line parameter. From a command prompt, type the command –mode=silent

    For example: C:\patcher_application.exe –mode=silent

  21. Running AAMEE for creating Mac Packages.
    Is there any chance to enable the Product update Feature after installing the package on the client macs? We unfortunately configured our Packages to be built with AAM deactivated – but want to change that on the machines where CS5 is already installed.

    Any hints?

    Thanks a lot and best regards,


  22. Jan says:

    Bjarke, still got the problem?
    You are using danish CS5 as me?

    Currently AAMEE supports the following locales:

    German (de_DE),

    English (en_GB, en_US, en_XM),

    Spanish (es_ES, es_LA, es_MX, es_NA),

    French (fr_CA, fr_FR, fr_XM),

    Italian (it_IT),

    Japanese (ja_JP),

    Dutch (nl_NL),

    Swedish (sv_SE)

    If AAMEE is run in any other locale, then this issue is faced. As a workaround, please follow these steps:

    1. Install AAMEE and quit AAMEE UI when first screen is shown.

    2. Go to the location: “\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\Enterprise\ZStringResources”

    3. Create a backup of this folder (ZStringResources).

    4. Inside ZStringResources, delete all the folders with names other than the locale codes mentioned above (in the supported locale list)

    5. Run AAMEE from start menu.

  23. Steve says:

    I have created the msi via the AAMEE but i now want to put the shortcuts into an Adobe folder but the msi says it doesn’t have any? When i install the application all of the shortcuts are there so they are being installed somehow.

    Any help please?


  24. mark says:

    I just want to set-up.exe with the serial number stored in a set up file of some sort, so that users can run the exe from a network share and I don’t have to post the serial number anywhere. I have not been able to do that with an Adobe product for quite a while. This is overkill for me. Is there a simpler way? I have tried the things suggested here: and have not gotten that work properly either. Everyone says using the AAMEE is so simple, but it could be so much simpler if you had more options available!

  25. Pall says:

    Is there no option to not use the silent mode for the MSI’s that are created by AAMEE?

  26. Milan Majstorovic says:

    Hi there,

    which components do need an internet connection? I have a repacked exe here that is created with the AAMEE. My problem is that two times the installer want to connect the internet. In my deployment structure the package is installed with the system account which doesn’t have internet permissions.

    Please can you help me.

    thank’s for quick response!


    Milan Majstorovic

  27. Ahmed says:

    I created pkg package to install CS5 on MAC. When I tried using the package I got error :

    “Install Failed: The following install step failed: run preinstall script for Adobe Setup. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.”

    Anyone got the same error? or anyone can help here?


  28. Jared says:

    with all the extra trouble of building this packager i feel, like most, that a few basic things were overlooked.

    MSI’s offer so much customisation that is just not taken advantage of. while i realise that you can not run one MSI from another just look at what you can do with the MS Office setup util! its fantastic.

    it would be great to have a progress bar and a few other little things to start with.
    it makes no sense that we can only deploy fully silent or only the full UI as Mark mentioned.

  29. Jared says:

    forgot to put the biggest issue with SCCM that i face is the need to package everything seperately!
    we have so many versions of software here. it seems crazy to deploy master suite, design premium and production premium which share alot of components. Id love to be able to use one package and just specify different programs!

  30. Geoff says:

    Shortcut redirection – After running the CS5 installation in -quiet mode, the shortcuts are “sprayed” on the root of the start menu. The toolkit does not provide a way to redirect the shortcuts to a folder — say “Adobe” where all of the items can be stored. Is there a way to redirect the shortcuts within the installation using either the toolkit or some other means?

  31. sonur says:

    Hi there,

    I am working in with cs5 in the educational sector ( volume license) and am finding difficulty in deploying cs5 without Bridge. The reason students shouldn’t have access to bridge is because the c: drive can be accessed from the menus, enabling them to access sensitive files on the system. Does the Enterprise deployment toolkit work with this or does anyone know of a way of stopping this feature used programs. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you,

    email is


  32. I ran the application Manager with default options for CS5.
    Now I am trying to deploy via Altiris
    No luck, I am receiving error 1603 or later it says:
    “the file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect”
    Not sure where to start looking ……

  33. Mark says:

    Is there anway to run pdapp (updates) in silent mode? I tried pdapp -mode=silent but the gui started. Thanks

  34. Christopher says:

    Great tool, finally a way to install Adobe CS5 product line via msi. The only issue I have is that there is no option to create desktop shortcuts for the applications being installed .

  35. Leigh Panton says:

    Hi, I am an IT Support Technician for a college and we have recently purchased site licensed CS5.5 Design Premium. I have successfully created a deployment package using AAMEE and found that it will install using a GPO. However, it will only work when installing onto one PC. As soon as another PC starts installing the software both installs fail. I have tried installing manually on multiple machines using the set-up.exe and it is the same thing. If it’s only one machine it is fine. The installation is using a UNC file path to a shared folder. Can you think of what could be causing this? Thanks.

  36. Rajesh says:

    Will this work for CS5.5 and CS6?