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Recently as part of my job for Adobe I drove to one of Ventura Unified School Districts middle schools to conduct an hour long Acrobat 9 Pro demonstration of Acrobat’s incredible ePortfolio tools. Never knowing what Sothern California’s traffic might be I left early giving me plenty of time to get to De Anza Middle School about ten miles from my remote Adobe office here in east Ventura county. The traffic Gods were smiling on me and I actually arrived about half an hour early to the school. After turning off my car’s engine I wondered what I could do with the extra time I had when it suddenly dawned on me. I had been brushing up on learning the ins and outs of our recently released Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 application just before I drove to De Anza at my remote office watching one of my favorite online video training companies –

Just before I logged off my computer at my office, had just sent out their monthly email newsletter a few minutes before I packed up my computer gear for my demo mentioning they recently had created an iPhone APP; so if you had a account you could watch any of their videos on your iPhone. WOW! Video training on Adobe tools right smack on my iPhone!? Intrigued, I quickly downloaded the APP to my iPhone, but in my rush to get out the door and off to De Anza middle school I promptly forgot all about it.
Let me cut to the case; there I was sitting in front of the middle school balancing my iPhone on the steering wheel picking up right where I left off with Jeff Sengstack’s Premiere Pro CS5 New Features videos as if I never left my home office!
The APP for iPhone is outstanding! After firing it up, entering my user name and password I suddenly had access to the tens of thousands of wonderful top notch training videos on all of Adobe’s products and thousands of videos on other topics and software like Microsoft’s Office 2010 as an example that offers.
Quick Review of for iPhone APP
After logging into your account you’re greeted with a nice personalized “Welcome!” What’s great right off the bat is if you were previously watching any videos right there on the Home screen is a link to the “Last Left Off” video you were watching including a previous and next movie set of buttons and other links to chapter & course information. I especially like the very convenient buttons at the bottom: Home, Library, Categories and About.
Clicking on the Library button brings up an absolutely staggering list of hundreds of video titles composed of online video courses from short half hour series of tutorials in length to courses up to some topping thirty or more plus hours long. You can easily search the videos by using a search field or by menus such as: Software, Subject, Vendor or Author (similar to searching on the actual web site).
Under Categories you can hunt down video titles in a more general fashion like searching for training under Photography or Graphic Design. Under the About section there’s a nice list of previously published Newsletters, Help, Settings and even an easy way to contact for your questions, feedback or enquires (Note: offers excellent education pricing!).
What’s also really nice is the videos play on the iPhone horizontally so they’re easy to see. I’m also impressed with how well (and loud) the clear audio is heard; it must be even far better if I plug in my underutilized iPhone ear buds.
Any draw backs? You can’t obviously fire up say Photoshop Pro on your iPhone and try something out you just learned from a video about Photoshop Pro on your phone at the same time like you can on your desktop or laptop computer, nor can you download the excellent exercise files like you can from your laptop or desktop computer if you’re a premium subscriber, but other than those two minor things this APP simply rocks.
In short if you’re on the go and need to learn or bone up on Adobe’s many tools (or other software or technology subjects for that matter) 24/7 check out the new iPhone APP. Just make sure you’ve pulled over and cut the engine when you watch that new Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Fill feature on from your car – I don’t want you calling me stating I caused your auto insurance to go up!
Nice Online Video Training Tutorial for the iPhone APP:
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  1. David Frisby says:

    Thank you for sharing the Adobe + Lynda, I will definitely use this! Our new world is so exciting! I could really use some help here, with getting some advertising materials for a new Adobe Charter School I’m developing. I am working on a charter school development in CA. The school will have a focus on digital design with Adobe CS5 and Certifications. I would like some assistance with some print materials from Adobe which I can integrate into our marketing materials. Anyone who can help me, will be helping our future leaders.