Project Rome for Education, public preview announced today

We’re excited to finally announce Project ROME for Education. Available as a pilot program for school districts, Project ROME for Education lets students and educators express, collaborate and communicate ideas using graphics, photos, text, video, audio and animation in a simple, unified content creation and publishing environment to enhance the learning experience.   Project ROME for Education is designed specifically for students in classroom settings.

If you are interested in having your school district or institution participate, please go to and register.  Eligibility criteria must be met for program acceptance.  A member of the Adobe Education will contact qualified applicants with further information.  Those in education who wish to try out Project ROME for Education individually can also go to to download the offering as part of the free preview program.

Check back here soon for much more information on Project Rome for Education!

2 Responses to Project Rome for Education, public preview announced today

  1. Robert Muskett says:

    I am an Instructor for teachers in using the Smartboard in the instructional setting. Adobe Rome looks like the perfect tool for teachers to easily and quickly create Flash files to use on their interactive boards.

  2. Frank says:

    Forget it. Adobe has cancelled this excellent project shortly after beginning it. It’s hard to understand why something that has just been made available should be cancelled after such a short time. See

    “November 30, 2010

    Project ROME by Adobe was intended to explore the opportunity and usability of creative tools as software-as-a-service. After weighing this initiative against other projects in development, we have made the difficult decision to stop development on Project ROME.”