How Are We Doing? Introducing Adobe FormsCentral!

First on behalf of all of the Adobe Education Solution Consultants (formally Solution Engineers) who contribute to this blog a big and sincere Thank You for stopping by and learning about Adobe tools and technologies from us. We are all honored to have you here reading our post, posting comments and more.

Second I wanted to invite you to tell us how we’re doing here as authors and at the same time introduce you to a brand new online based tool we recently announced and made live called Adobe FormsCentral. Adobe FormsCentral is a new online service that lets you easily and quickly create and distribute online forms and surveys – including analyzing the results.

I’m really excited about FormsCentral because I believe powerful tools do not have to be complicated to get a job well done. In fact in my humble opinion powerful tools that are easy to use are the true mark of outstanding software craftsmanship. FormsCentral is powerful yet super easy to use too. That’s why to solicit your feedback here on our blog to help us all do a better job for you I used FormsCentral to create a quick and easy feedback form to have you tell us what future topics you’d like us to consider blogging about, get suggest from you on other ways we can improve the blog and continue to serve you better.

Note the link below will take you to a super short FormsCentral form that took me less than half an hour to design, test and distribute right here in this blog post. Now you may be thinking I have days and days of experience in FormsCentral to have been able to do this in half an hour – nope. The truth is I played around with FormsCentral for about one hour total and was creating nice looking forms within that hour and even posting them online!

You might also be wondering that this new tool cost a pretty penny. I’m happy to inform you there are two affordable subscriptions offered for FormsCentral and a third which is free!

To give the Adobe Education Technologies bloggers some feedback on the blog please click here; time to fill out the form is about three minutes or less.

To get started with FormsCentral click here to open a FormsCentral Account.

Happy FormsCentral form making!

Richard John Jenkins

2 Responses to How Are We Doing? Introducing Adobe FormsCentral!

  1. Domingo Garcia says:

    I tried out the free form online and found it very easy to use. Before I up my subscription I was trying to figure out how I would send my template form to a small business so that they could put it on their server so they can u,se it for their employees. The form that I created was an employee vacation form. Would I copy the adobe url and email it to them so that once they open it they can save it. Need help

  2. Rebecca Polotto says:

    I love FormsCentral and have often wished for a program like this!
    The only couple changes/additions I could use as I design forms are:
    1) Multiple “Other Options” – for example, this is needed when you have two items that need a fillable spot
    2) Allow fields to be inserted into existing field boxes or the ability to make the field boxes variable sizes and position boxes side by side