Installing CS5

Hey all,

We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog have been fielding a lot of questions lately about installing CS5 across the whole, building, or school. Knowing that you certainly don’t want to be toddling around campus with DVD’s and serial numbers, we thought you might like to see this movie about using the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition:

Deploying with AAMEE

Now, it requires a couple of things for you to use it effectively. First, you’ll probably want a licensing serial number. If you are installing in bulk, you should buy that way. If you are buying individual seats, then talk to your favorite reseller about our Licensing programs. Read more about them at the Adobe Volume Licensing page:

To actually deploy the software, you’ll need a deployment tool, like Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). To learn more about the process, check out the Adobe Enterprise Deployment page:

Finally, if you are an IT person looking to stay on top of what is happening with installers and such, I recommend that you bookmark our Installation and Licensing site blog:


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