Build a 3D Planet in Photoshop

Imagine a satellite traveling thousands of miles into space, flying around distant planets, snapping pictures of their surfaces, and returning the images to Earth.  Well, it has been done, and the images are amazing (Thanks NASA).

What is even more amazing is that you can find the images using a simple Internet search (keywords:  Jupiter, surface, map) and wrap them around  3D objects created in Photoshop!

This makes for a great student project.

Here is how… 

In my next tutorial I will show you how to export the 3D layer to an Acrobat PDF file.  This will allow mom, dad, or another student to view and manipulate the 3D object using the (free) Acrobat Reader.








3 Responses to Build a 3D Planet in Photoshop

  1. Can somebody tell me if it is possible to make such a 3D objects in Photo Shop CS2 because i dont have a new Photoshop version and i am a loayal member by Photoshop so i dont want to use any unregistered versions. Thank You

  2. Thank you Scott Trudeau. I have downloaded a trial version of Adobde and it works great with a 3D objects. So soon i will buy a full version. Thank You one more time.