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Adobe CS5 Enterprise Deployment Tool now available

For installing CS5 on a large network, we now have the Adobe Application Manager, Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) to facilitate the process. It is a simple to use program that enable IT administrator to create msi (for Win) and pkg (for Mac) package for rolling out CS5 across the school networks. Below is a screenshot to show some of the packaging options:
AAMEE is free for our volumn license customers. The Windows version and the Mac preview version are now available at:
Note that you would still need to use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) on Windows (ConfigMgr) or Apple Remote Desktop™ (ARD) on the Mac to deploy the package to remote computers. And that you can only use the AAMEE Win to create msi package and AAMEE mac to create pkg package.
Give it a try. It is so easy.

Fixed and overlaid banner at bottom of HTML page

I was intrigued by the banner at the bottom of the webpage of the WMPoweruser web site: So I experimented with Dreamweaver and played with some CSS. After some trials, I found a solution that is simple to implement:
#banner {
height: 100px;
width: 640px;
position: fixed;
bottom: 0px;
background-image: url(bannerImage.png);
With the above CSS, the banner always stays at bottom of the page, whether the page is resized or scrolled. Note that I used png as the background image because I like to have a bit of transparency effect to see behind the banner.
Try this out. It is easy. Tested with both IE 8 and Google Chrome.

Publish eBook with InDesign

There seems to be increasing interests in eBook in my conversation with teachers. I have recently started experimenting with publishing eBooks using InDesign. The process was easier than I thought. Yes, there are some guidelines to folllow, like how to layout images and text, how to create chapters and TOC, etc…The docs at: are excellent reference materials.
I then tested and published a sample eBook in EPUB format. It displayed well in my laptop running Adobe Digital Editions. And when I connected my HTC Touch Pro 2 phone which runs Windows Mobile 6.5 to the laptop, the Digital Editions let me sync (copy) the eBook onto the phone. The phone comes with the HTC eReader which registered the eBook and displayed it perfectly! Wonderful.
Updated: I have been testing with the various settings in InDesign CS5 and found that you don’t have to create books to have chapters appear in new page. The TOC settings at the EPUB dialog let you specify each chapter to appear in a new page. So one InDesign CS5 doc will do.

Editing a scanned PDF doc with Acrobat

Another question I got asked was how to edit a PDF doc, especially one that has been scanned in. The short answer is: Yes, you can edit a PDF doc with Acrobat, provided it has not been protected. In general, you can use the TouchUp Text Tool (under the Tools/Advanced Editing submenu) to select and edit the text.
If the doc is scanned in as a bitmap, you can use Acrobat OCR-Text Recongition feature to turn the text image into selectable text. Most likely, the text font won’t be recognised and if you use TouchUp Text Tool to select and edit the text, Acrobat will tell you that you don’t have the right font to let you edit the text.
Don’t give it up just yet. If the TouchUp Text Tool allows you to select the text, then there is still hope.You can then use the TouchUp Text tool to right-click the selected text to bring up the Properties dialog box. Select the Text tab and there you can change the font to any system fonts that you have. Bingo! You can now edit the text as usual.
Note that the apprearance will differ depending on the replacement font you choose. Still this little tip may come in handy when don’t have the original file to work with.

Adding Audio Comment to your PDF file

I was at an education conference yesterday and was showing the Commenting feature of Acrobat 9. A teacher asked me if she can add audio annotation to the PDF for comment and review purpose. Interestingly, there is no option for audio comment at the Comment and Mark Up toolbar. I thought it was possible so I searched around the file menus. Nothing from the Comments Menu. But after some more digging, I found it. It was available at the Tools/Comment and Markup submenu. No very obvious I may say. But it is there. Hopefully that is a little feature that mya be of use to you.

Adobe BrowserLab for Dreamweaver

I have recently downloaded the Adobe BrowserLab extension for Dreamweaver at I like the idea of being able to test how the CSS will render on different browsers/platforms without having to have all these browsers and versions be installed on my machine. One feature I particularly like is the ability to display not just a side-by-side comparison of the page render on 2 different browsers, but to display the 2 renders on top of each other as onion skins. It is amazing that sometimes 2 CSS renderings may seem to look identical on different browsers. Yet when put on top of each other, the pixel shift becomes apparent.
If you are Dreamweaver users, I would highly recommend you download the extension and give this a try. It is free trial for now. Hope yo would like it.