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New APP for iPhone!

What’s incredibly easy and fun to use so your students and you can share & store your priceless photos on your iPhone with the world? The brand spanking new application for Apple’s iPhone!

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Test Drive New Adobe Story!

I’m excited to let you all know that Adobe Story, our new collaborative script development tool designed for creative professionals, producers, and writers working on or with scripts and screenplays is now available (and currently free) on Adobe Labs!

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How to Create a “Connect Card” with Presenter 7!

Two years ago at an education conference I met way cool Dave Forrester, a school counselor at Olympia High School in Olympia, Washington. After the conference ended Dave and I decided to stay in touch. Dave handed me a thumb drive just before we departed and said it contained his “Connect Card,” his virtual business card that had all his contact information on it and more. Now I had never heard of a Connect Card but when Dave informed me it was created with our very own Presenter 7 software I was eager to check it out.

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New Education Catergory at Adobe MAX Awards!

max_logo.jpgI’m sure you’ve all heard about the awesome Adobe Max Conference taking place October 4 – 7 in Los Angeles, California (What!? You haven’t registered for MAX yet? Click Here to do so right now!). But did you know that within the MAX Awards there is a brand spanking new Education category? This is the first time in fact that educators who are fans and users of Adobe’s tools have their very own category at MAX!
Below is some information from our awesome Adobe Education team about the new Max Awards EDU Category.
Across education institutions worldwide, technology is transforming the way we teach, learn and experience campus life. In this new EDU category, we will look for ways in which Adobe solutions are improving learning, facilitating access to information and services, and enabling better collaboration across the institution. Winning applications do more than just communicate information to students; they engage students to become active participants in their learning or greatly simplify institutional productivity and administration.
Category- Specific Judging Criterion: Innovative applications of technology to improve teaching and learning, communication and collaboration or to enable education institutions to reduce operating costs and improve faculty and student services.
As Film producer/director/actor Woody Allen is often quoted, “80% of life is simply showing up”. Click the link below and show up by submitting your EDU work with technology to the Awards!
2009 MAX Awards Submission & Rules Web Page:

Hey there! Adobe Education is using Twitter!

You’ve heard about Twitter but you’re not sure if it’s for you or it might be a complete waste of time? Well here’s a great reason why you should jump in; The Adobe education team (both K12 & Higher Education) now have a Twitter account and post terrific comments, good education links as well as timely information about Adobe products and technologies via tweets.

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Talk to us on Facebook – Adobe Education Technologies Facebook Group

Have a question about Photoshop Elements 7 or Soundbooth CS4? Would you like to learn how other K12 or higher education educators are using Dreamweaver? Then check out our Adobe Education Technologies Facebook Group!
Screenshot above – Our Adobe Education Technologies Facebook Group Page

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New Adobe Story and the Future of Script Writing

My Story
When I was twelve years old I lived one block away from Desilu and Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. While I was twelve I also was very fortunate as a kid to get a very cool job at this time in my life and that job was as a paperboy for a Los Angeles daily newspaper called the Herald Examiner. My new paper route focused on delivering the Examiner to subscribers of the paper in residential homes and apartment buildings in my neighborhood, but it also included a few commercial stops to; a popular radio station called KHJ, a restaurant and bar called Nick O’Dells, and to my utter amazement the two movie studios which were a stone’s throw from where I lived!
Pictured above is new Adobe Story, an off/online collabrative script writing tool.

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Love at First Site – Search Engine Friendly Dreamweaver Landing Pages!

(Part 2 of a 3 Part Series)
One of the most overlooked aspects of creating a new Dreamweaver web site or updating and editing an existing one is how on earth is that web site and its many web pages going to be found by the major search engines such as: MSN, Yahoo and Google? The good news is making a web site and its many web pages “search friendly” is not hard to do, in fact it’s pretty darn easy to do right smack inside of Dreamweaver if you keep some simple “text” things in mind.
Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is all about getting your web pages ranking well at the top of what is called the “SERPS” (Search Engine Result Pages). Ranking well in the SERPs is all about getting tasty morsels of key word text into your web page code that the spiders and search “bots” can chew on to help index & rank your way cool school web site pages at the top of Google’s search results.
In this second installment of a three part series we will take a look at what a “landing page” is and how we optimize one to be found by the major seach engines.
Please join me, your host Richard John Jenkins in a pre-recorded Acrobat Connect Pro webinar on creating Search Engine Friendly Landing Pages.
Richard John Jenkins

Free Adobe Instructional Resources

The number one request I hear more than any other from educators who use our tools and technologies is “where can I get low cost or free training on your tools?” I’m happy to report that Adobe has some outstanding Instructional Resources available for many of our tools and they are also free.
Screen shot above shows just a few examples of our .PDF Guides which you can download for free.

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One Click Chroma Key Magic with Premiere Elements 7!

It never ceases to amaze me how magical many of the Adobe tools, features and techniques can be. One of my all time favorites is the Video Merge feature in Premiere Elements 7; one of five tools that is part of the Adobe Digital School Collection (ADSC). Video Merge as it’s called within Premiere Elements 7 is simply another name for a popular video technique often called Blue Screen, Green Screen and Chroma Key.
In this post on the Adobe Education Technologies Blog and with the help of our amazing Captivate 4 software, I will walk you through what basic gear you need to easily create great Chroma key video clips and then show you with one click how to actually make a Chroma Key (Video Merge) video for your movie projects using Premiere Elements 7.
Screen shot example above is two seperate video clips merged together using Premiere Elements 7 Video Merge feature.

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