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Adobe Design Achievement Awards!

Whew! Busy day for the EDU blog. . .

This time around, we here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog wanted to remind you (or alert you if this is news to you) that entries for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards are due this Friday (June 5th). If you are a visual communications student (or you know one), you (or they) could win a trip to China! Submit via the web at the ADAA site [link to the Design Achievement site:] Read more:

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New beta software on Labs

Hey folks, a quickie here for you this morning. There are new tools available for you on Adobe Labs [link to].
Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and the Flex 4 SDK are all live on Adobe Labs
this morning, and we here at the Adobe Education blog wanted you be in know ASAP. Read on for more information:

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Adobe == Collaboration

There is a storm brewing, folks, and it isn’t going to just blow over. As fuel prices (here in the US anyway) start the uphill, summer climb, budgets for travel sink lower, and the amount of work we need to accomplish at very best stays the same, we need to figure out how to do our jobs while working with our colleagues around campus or around the globe. We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog have been asked to do more of our work from home, and we love it! However, it is difficult to confer and present with colleagues because we often need to edit the presentation together, yet there is no way to justify the trip across the country to do so. When the economy turns around, among the strewn bits of jetsam that any storm leaves, we need to find a better ways to work corroboratively, pick them up, and use them make our work more efficient in any economy.

Adobe is noticing this along with everyone else—and we are doing something about it. The latest effort has me floored. It’s called Adobe Presentations and it’s a true software as a service (SaaS) product. If you have ever worked with PowerPoint or Keynote, then you will know what it does. However, it’s the “how-it-does-it” that has us floored. First off, you can give it a spin by going to the new labs site of Link to Adobe Presentations. Take a look at the Welcome presentation sample that you can use to get started (this a PDF exported from that presentation and uploaded to SHARE):

However, to understand how this will become a new port in the coming storm, read on.

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New Closed Captioning tool for Connect Pro


We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog are happy to announce an update to the Closed Captioning Pod that is freely available at the Connect Exchange on (link to the exchange). The Closed Captioning Pod now offers people who want to use freelancers with the WGBH CaptionKeeper software to provide line-21 caption data to the pod. Get the details and grab the pod here: Link to the pod page.

An Evening with Terry White

First off, if you haven’t read Terry White’s technology blog, you should surf on over and have a look (link to Terry’s blog).

Terry has been covering technology for a long time, and has some interesting perspectives on its use. He will often tell you that he doesn’t just work here at Adobe (he is a Director in the Systems Engineering group, helping us to better connect our workflow to your issues), but he is a true fan of the software we all promote under his guidance.

During this week’s blog, I want to highlight his evening-with. Tomorrw night (April 28th), Terry will offer an open web session to cover his Lightroom workflow, and if you are looking for a real world example of a digital photography workflow, check this session out. Read on for the details:

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The Adobe Configurator for Photoshop CS4

We, at the Adobe Technologies blog had the good fortune to attend Photoshop World in Boston (link to the Photoshop World website) last week (sorry Rick!), and it was fantastic! Scott and the rest of the NAPP crew did a fantastic job of bringing together thousands of passionate Photoshop users and partners. However, I digress. Russel brown showed off a new tool that I really think can help you out if you teach (or use for that matter) Photoshop CS4. Get the Configurator at the Labs website Read on to see more:

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Acrobat 9.1 Update available now

Hello all,

The Acrobat 9.1 updater is now available, and I would suggest that you grab it and install it if you haven’t already done so. Form the Acrobat team:

"Product updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9 that patch the recent security vulnerability are immediately available for download. They are currently available for Windows and Macintosh and several language versions. This updates the products to version 9.1."

For more information and to download the updater, please read the tech note:

Link to the tech note.

A few Connect Pro tutorials for you

Hey all, here is a quickie for you. The Connect Pro team has produced a few Connect Pro tutorials for you that will help you use it (or decide to use it if you are considering it).


Connect Pro Quick Start Guide:

Adobe Presenter Quick Start Guide:

Review of Connect Pro 7 Reporting Options:

Connect Pro 7 Component Video Tutorials (Meeting, Presenter, Training, Events):

A nice video tutorial explaining how Connect Pro likes to establish a consistent high-fidelity connection to the server:

Controlling another desktop (Application Sharing):

Green = Green

OK. Let’s face it. Money is in short supply. As we face one of the most significant economic challenges we as a country have ever faced, we need to look beyond hoping things get better so we can just get back to business as usual. Moving to electronic workflows seems like an attractive option, but the key is your workflow–not just the fact that you are using something electronic. Remember, electrons cost money and use power as you corral them for your use. Have a look at the enterprise sustainabililty white paper co-produced by the Institute for Sustainable Communication. Link to the white-paper landing page.

We want your opinion about Adobe Reader


The Adobe Education Technologies blog, in conjunction with the Adobe Reader development team, would like to get your input about the Adobe Reader. If you have a quick moment, go over to the Reader blog (link to the Reader blog), or jump directly to the survey (link to the survey).

The survey will be available until January 31st, 2009.