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CS4 Print Guide is now available!

Hey folks. The people in the Creative Suite marketing unit have completed the CS4 Print Guide. This is a good, solid resource to help you understand how to successfully print from the CS4 applications (or at least create file that will print). We at the Adobe Education Technologies blog thought you might want to give it a look-see. Check it out by following this link: Link to the CS4 Print Guide.

Creating Easy to Make and Share Photo/Web Galleries!

When it comes to creating and sharing your personal or professional digital photo creations with the world there is no better tool or place to do so than with an Adobe tool or Adobe web based service. In this post on the Adobe Education Technologies Blog I’ll cover some of our easy to use tools to get you started!

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Who uses AIR and how?

If you have heard of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (aka AIR), but wondered what it might be good for, then you are probably not alone. Instead of going on about it, I thought an eLearning example might help. In fact, an award-winning example might help even more, so I am going to send you from the Adobe Education Technologies blog over to my good freind RJ Jacquez’ blog. A Captivate presentation on the AIR application itself is also available. It takes a moment to load, but it is worth the wait.

Keep in mind that here at Adobe we have a number of really useful blogs out there, ours the best, though, so keep on coming back.

Adobe Acrobat 9 for Education eSeminar Series


The Adobe Education SE Team hosted a series of education-focused sessions covering various Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and Pro Extended features and workflows. If you missed the live sessions or want to see them again, take a look at the recordings listed below:

Want to try some CS4 on for size?


Go to Labs 

Soundbooth Mnemonic (also known as the application icon)

Now that we have announced and we are showing CS4, you may want to get started. If so, go to the Adobe Labs website: There you’ll find three of the CS4 applications in beta for you to try. Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Soundbooth are there, and if you own Creative Suite 3 you can plop your CS3 serial number into the applications and run them until we release CS4 (sometime later in the quarter). One particular thing I recommend that you try is the Transcription feature in Soundbooth. It will turn your speech into text, and it’s incredibly easy to use. After you download the app and install it, follow these steps. . .

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Successful VoIP in Connect Pro

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP is rapidly becoming a good option for many internet users over standard Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). I myself use a variant provided by my cable/internet service provider, and it works quite well. However, it is still a young technology. Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional includes it as a way to communicate with meeting attendees, and it works well. However, there are many, many variables that can erode the quality of the experience for either the presenter or the participant. The following 12 steps to success should help you to have the best meeting you can.

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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and Blackboard

I will be presenting a free Adobe Education eSeminar on the topic of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and Blackboard Integration on September 23, 2008. If you use Blackboard and have ever considered using a virtual classroom technology, you will want to see this one. Here is the official description of the presentation…
Tuesday, September 23, 2008 10:00 A.M. PDT
Extend the reach and scope of your online learning experience by using the advanced communication features of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro within the Blackboard learning environment. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro offers an ideal platform for virtual classrooms or meetings and generally requires no additional software on end-user computers by employing Adobe Flash Player to enable the virtual meeting room. This complete solution for integrating Blackboard software (Release 7.3 and higher) with Adobe Connect Pro is now available for free to Blackboard or Adobe Connect Pro Administrators.
Click here to register for this event.
To learn more about the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and Blackboard Integration solution, please go to the Acrobat Connect Community Website Blackboard Integration FAQ.
You can also download the Blackboard integration solution brief or the LMS primer from the Adobe Acrobat Connect 7 education page.
TIP: The Adobe Connect User Community Website is a great resource for learning more about Adobe Acrobat Connect and/or virtual classroom technology.

Adobe Presenter 7 quiz issue

For those using Adobe Presenter 7 (if you are not familiar with Presenter, check out our previous blog entry Presenter Cards), you may have noticed an issue with quizzes.

Let’s start with what you can do. In Presenter, you can build a quiz into your project to assess the students’ attainment of the information. Each question in a quiz can be weighted and count towards an overall score. Based on that score, you can allow a user to pass or fail the quiz, and by choosing a behavior, have them jump to a particular slide in the presentation or to a URL. Often the URL is either another Presenter project (moving them to the next level of material) or the URL of the project with the quiz the userfailed to make them review the material. Either way, it is useful to employ the behaviors as instant feedback and action based on the results of a quiz. See an example by clicking on the following link: Quiz Example. Attached to the quiz is the PowerPoint project file (I didn’t use any audio to keep the file small. Feel free to experiment with it).

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