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Social Networking for Educators

The swearing in of a new U.S. president has left many things uncertain about the future and direction of our great country, but there is one thing for sure that is certain and that is the incredible power of the internet and the explosive use of Social Networking sites. President Barrack Obama’s election team used the internet and the social networking site Facebook (among others) in ways that have never been done before to help get an American President elected with great affect.
Pictured above is a screen shot of the new Adobe Education Technologies Group on Facebook.

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Start or Attend a Adobe User Group

If you’re like me you might be spending way, way too much time glued to your computer screen learning about Adobe’s tools and technologies. To give you an idea how much time I sit on my buns here in my home office learning our cool tools, I go out and purchase a new home-office chair each year since I wear and tear the heck out of them from Adobe tool learning overuse! So if you haven’t seen the sun or the moon in a few months, or noticed your kids have grown three inches since the last time you saw them you might want to check out another cool way to learn about Adobe tools and that is attending or even starting your very own Adobe User Group.

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Metadata Schmetadata

So, you may have heard about metadata and wondered what the fuss is about. Well, it’s certainly useful stuff. If you use Bridge or a search engine, you can benefit from it. However, that’s not the topic of this post. This post is about the exact opposite–getting *rid* if metadata (and why you may want to) Read on. . .

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Creating Easy to Make and Share Photo/Web Galleries!

When it comes to creating and sharing your personal or professional digital photo creations with the world there is no better tool or place to do so than with an Adobe tool or Adobe web based service. In this post on the Adobe Education Technologies Blog I’ll cover some of our easy to use tools to get you started!

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Creative Suite 4 – How to Find Out More

Photo of Creative Suite 4 product boxes

I am almost as excited as Steve Martin’s character in The Jerk, when he danced around gleefully screaming, “The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here!” For those of you who don’t share my taste in fine cinema – this is exciting! There are way too many fun, new toys to cover in a single post, but rest assured the team will be blogging about the wonders of CS4 soon. Till then I’ll leave you with some fantastic resources on to get you acquainted with the new release;


Adobe Education eSeminar Series

The Adobe Education eSeminar Series begins August 14, 2008.
These free of charge online events will cover topics such as distance and eLearning projects using Acrobat 9, creating interactive PDF files, electronic portfolios for students and educators and much more.
The presentations will be conducted by Adobe education product experts and/or Adobe Education Leaders.
This is a great opportunity to learn from the experts right from your computer.
Please click this link for details and registration.