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Creating Easy to Make and Share Photo/Web Galleries!

When it comes to creating and sharing your personal or professional digital photo creations with the world there is no better tool or place to do so than with an Adobe tool or Adobe web based service. In this post on the Adobe Education Technologies Blog I’ll cover some of our easy to use tools to get you started!

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Teacher’s Pet – A List of Affordable and Free Adobe Tools Training

A “Teacher’s Pet” has always been defined as a pupil who is perceived to be favored by the teacher. My take on this old school concept is there’s a new teacher’s pet definision out there these days and it has nothing to do with an educator’s students at all. For my Adobe Education Technologies Blog post for today read on and learn all about the new Teacher’s Pet – Affordable and free Adobe tools training!

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Who uses AIR and how?

If you have heard of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (aka AIR), but wondered what it might be good for, then you are probably not alone. Instead of going on about it, I thought an eLearning example might help. In fact, an award-winning example might help even more, so I am going to send you from the Adobe Education Technologies blog over to my good freind RJ Jacquez’ blog. A Captivate presentation on the AIR application itself is also available. It takes a moment to load, but it is worth the wait.

Keep in mind that here at Adobe we have a number of really useful blogs out there, ours the best, though, so keep on coming back.

Connect-Blackboard integration recording

Hey folks! If you missed John Schuman’s Connect session about the integration between Adobe Connect Professional and Blackboard (Advertised in a previous blog post), you can watch the recording of the event. The original event was held on September 23rd. If you would like to grab the integration building block at no cost, you can download it from the Connect Users community web site. The site also has an installation guide that will help you get it set up.

Successful VoIP in Connect Pro

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP is rapidly becoming a good option for many internet users over standard Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). I myself use a variant provided by my cable/internet service provider, and it works quite well. However, it is still a young technology. Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional includes it as a way to communicate with meeting attendees, and it works well. However, there are many, many variables that can erode the quality of the experience for either the presenter or the participant. The following 12 steps to success should help you to have the best meeting you can.

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An Exciting New Way to Share and Collaborate


Adobe recently made available a collection of online services for
file storage and sharing, collaborative document authoring, and web conferencing. Best of all, anyone can sign up for a free account at!

My Files

Once you create an account you can easily upload a wide variety of files to include Microsoft Office documents and presentations, PDF files and portfolios, images, and ZIP files. Your account allows up to 5GB of online storage which you can easily access from any internet-connected computer.

Share provides a better way for sharing your files. Select content stored on your account and share a link instead of emailing large file attachments. You can define access to your online files as private, for specific recipients, or available to anyone with the link. Recipients can preview the files and download when needed.

Adobe Buzzword

This new online word processor is creating quite a buzz! You get all the functionality of a desktop application with the added advantage of creating and storing your documents online. As an author you can invite others to join you as a co-author or reviewer. Each contributor’s changes are saved into document history and you can revert to a previous version anytime. When you are finished with your document you can export and share as a TXT, RTF, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Open Office, or HTML file.

Adobe ConnectNow

Communicate and collaborate with up to two other particpants using your own personal online meeting room. You can be as interactive and productive as an in-person meeting using screen sharing, whiteboard overlays, notes, text chat, audio, video, and file sharing. You can even take control of a participant’s desktop with their permission. This is a great solution for impromptu meetings, student tutoring, and parent/faculty sessions.

Call to Action provides many exciting ways for faculty, students, and parents to share, create, and collaborate. Since the services are online the constraints of time, location, and travel are mitigated. Feel free to share your experiences and best practices by adding comments to this article – we value your feedback!


Best Regards,
Patrick Koster