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Create Lower-Third Graphics with Adobe Comp

One of the toughest and most annoying parts of creating a video project is building a good looking lower-third graphic. When many people add names and titles in post, they often just use a standard font with nothing that looks like an actual lower-third graphic by a professional. This makes the video look amateur.

I recently was working on a project where I shot some video on my iPad and used Premiere Clip to start the editing process before finishing in Premiere Pro CC. I was on a plane with minimal leg and arm room (I won’t name the airline), and I wanted to do as much as I could on the iPad. With Adobe Comp, I started thinking about how a video guy could use the app to build graphics, and it’s quite easy.

IMG_0104First, you have to start with creating a new template in Comp. I went with what I call “poor man’s HD” – 1280 x 720.

IMG_0106Then I started building my concept. I used shapes and pulled in graphics I had built in Adobe Shape or the Creative Cloud Market. I added some text and adjusted the opacity of the waves to give my graphic some texture. Notice that I don’t have any background. Comp automatically makes the white background into transparent when you send to Photoshop CC. If you need a guide, you can add a screenshot of your video (if you are doing an interview) and then delete that layer later in Photoshop or before you send it to the desktop.

IMG_0105Next, I tapped the share icon and then tapped “Send to Photoshop.” In about 10 seconds, it popped up on my machine that I was logged into the Creative Cloud with. The great thing about this is I actually was able to send it from my iPad and open it up as soon as I got home on my other computer with Creative Cloud on it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.43.59 PM

I changed the text on the graphic in Photoshop and saved a copy for each graphic I needed. You can also create copies of the graphic in Comp and change the text there. Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.47.46 PM

Finally, I imported the .PSD file into Premiere Pro CC and laid it on a new video track. I added a few dissolves at the beginning and end of the transition to make it fade on and off.

The time I saved here was significant because I am not a Photoshop nor Illustrator expert. I was able to create a simple graphic with a mobile workflow. What are some other projects you have used Comp for?

Premiere Pro CC: Building easy slideshows

I can’t wait until the day when people are no longer scared of the Adobe Premiere Pro and it’s interface. The truth is that Premiere is just like all of our other applications. They require users to learn a small amount about the application, and then they are totally enthusiastic about what they can create. “If you can imagine it, you can create it.”

One thing that I suggest is that people ease themselves into Premiere Pro by first learning how to make a slideshow video using some JPEG images from your cell phone or another camera. It teaches you how to interact with the interface and simple timeline editing like trimming. Continue reading…