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Indiana University creates Digital Publications

IU Digital Imprint

IU Digital Imprint

Using the Digital Publishing Suite, Indiana University has created an iPad app – IU Libris – with three publications available for download.
Take a look on iTunes

Food + Technology = Adobe Digital Publishing

I love food.  I love Adobe technologies.

Martha Stewart’s “Everyday Food” , a cooking and lifestyle magazine, is now available on the iPad.  This highly interactive magazine was put together using Adobe Digital Publishing technologies.  Check it out!

View YouTube video

Also check out the Adobe Digital Publish blog.

Digital Publishing Suite support for Android

Installing CS5

Hey all,

We here at the Adobe Education Technologies blog have been fielding a lot of questions lately about installing CS5 across the whole, building, or school. Knowing that you certainly don’t want to be toddling around campus with DVD’s and serial numbers, we thought you might like to see this movie about using the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition:

Deploying with AAMEE

Now, it requires a couple of things for you to use it effectively. First, you’ll probably want a licensing serial number. If you are installing in bulk, you should buy that way. If you are buying individual seats, then talk to your favorite reseller about our Licensing programs. Read more about them at the Adobe Volume Licensing page:

To actually deploy the software, you’ll need a deployment tool, like Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). To learn more about the process, check out the Adobe Enterprise Deployment page:

Finally, if you are an IT person looking to stay on top of what is happening with installers and such, I recommend that you bookmark our Installation and Licensing site blog:


Adobe InDesign – Path Animation

Adobe InDesign is no longer “just” a desktop publishing tool; it has turned into a full-blown multimedia machine!  As a former teacher and educational technologist, I highly recommend adding InDesign CS5 to your instructional technology tool bag.

The following tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to build path animations using InDesign CS5.  Imagine how much more engaging a lesson on diffusion would be if a student could animate the process rather than simply read about it!

Video 1 – Learn how to create a simple path animation using InDesign CS5

Video 2 – Create a path animation and add duration and timing settings

Houston Area School Uses Adobe Technologies to Enter International Technology Contest

Alief Taylor High School has entered a student-created video in an international technology contest that will hopefully win their school thousands of dollars worth of technology.  The video is currently in 2nd place only behind a South African school.

Robert Goetsch is Alief’s audio-video teacher.  He helped his students write, produce, shoot, and edit the video.  The students used Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition to help create the music parody. The final video is awesome! 

Voting has ended and Alief’s entry has made it into the 9-12 grade finalist!

View the video:

Prolific Powerhouse People: Teacher, Dr Katherine Nell McNeil

Dr. Katherine Nell McNeil, East County Academy of Learning, Lakeside Union School District, San Diego, California.

Dr. Katherine Nell McNeil, East County Academy of Learning, Lakeside Union School District, San Diego, California.

It’s not every day when I man an Adobe booth at an education tradeshow talking with our education customers that I suddenly see someone in front of me practically jumping up and down and waving their arms to get my attention. Usually educators stop by our Adobe booth and politely ask us questions about education pricing, when the next versions of our software is due out and where they can learn more about professional development or certification. But at the last CUE (Computer-Using Educators) Conference held in Palm Springs, CA I rapidly finished up a conversation I was having and turned my attention to the woman at our booth who now had tears streaming down her cheeks and suddenly burst out, “Adobe save’s lives! Adobe changes lives! Thank you so much for all you do!”

I stood there jaw dropped and thunderstruck not quite sure of how to respond. I recall saying something really lame like “Excuse me!? Come again!?” But the woman standing there was now so emotionally choked up she couldn’t even speak! I sensed I better do something quick before she really started crying so I took her gently by the hand and asked her to sit down in our booth so I could calm her down.

After several minutes she finally did and said, “My name is Dr. Katherine Nell McNeil. I’m a Special Education teacher from the East County Academy of Learning in the Lakeside Union School District in San Diego, California. I want you to know for all the work that Adobe does, to each employee who has had a hand in making your software a reality, you all need to know that I stand up and yell thank you.  Adobe saves lives.  Adobe changes lives. You guys are dream makers not dream breakers.  Through your products my students with severe emotional and behavioral disorders learn not only how to make award winning digital media designs, but also develop new behaviors, higher order thinking skills, academic and social skills which they previously did not possess”.

Now it was my turn to get emotional. I remember getting tears in my eyes and blurting something like “Wow! Really!? Thank you for sharing this!”  Dr McNeil went on to tell me she has been a special ed. teacher for over ten years and by using digital media design tools like Photoshop, she’s made a profound difference in many of her students behavior. She stated many of students have severe learning disabilities including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHAD).  But through the use of digital media tools many of her kids have been able to turn their lives around by expressing themselves and building self-confidence using these tools. In fact she beamed when she informed me that several of her students won ribbons at the recent California Del Mar fair for their digital media creations made with Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe tools.

Dr McNeil's student's showing examples of their Adobe Photoshop work.

Photo sent to me from Dr McNeil & her student's showing examples of their Adobe Photoshop work including ribbons!

To learn more about this prolific powerhouse educator, Dr. McNeil and her special education teaching techniques check out this great video interview with her made by the San Diego Department of Education (SDDOE) at the link below.

Classroom of the Future Foundation Interview with Dr. McNeil

Adobe CS5 Enterprise Deployment Tool now available

For installing CS5 on a large network, we now have the Adobe Application Manager, Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) to facilitate the process. It is a simple to use program that enable IT administrator to create msi (for Win) and pkg (for Mac) package for rolling out CS5 across the school networks. Below is a screenshot to show some of the packaging options:
AAMEE is free for our volumn license customers. The Windows version and the Mac preview version are now available at:
Note that you would still need to use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) on Windows (ConfigMgr) or Apple Remote Desktop™ (ARD) on the Mac to deploy the package to remote computers. And that you can only use the AAMEE Win to create msi package and AAMEE mac to create pkg package.
Give it a try. It is so easy.

Looking to wrap up your school year in style, use an Acrobat PDF Portfolio

Don’t leave school until you’re organized. Before you check out, check this. Read more at the Acrobat in Education Blog

Fixed and overlaid banner at bottom of HTML page

I was intrigued by the banner at the bottom of the webpage of the WMPoweruser web site: So I experimented with Dreamweaver and played with some CSS. After some trials, I found a solution that is simple to implement:
#banner {
height: 100px;
width: 640px;
position: fixed;
bottom: 0px;
background-image: url(bannerImage.png);
With the above CSS, the banner always stays at bottom of the page, whether the page is resized or scrolled. Note that I used png as the background image because I like to have a bit of transparency effect to see behind the banner.
Try this out. It is easy. Tested with both IE 8 and Google Chrome.