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New Education Catergory at Adobe MAX Awards!

max_logo.jpgI’m sure you’ve all heard about the awesome Adobe Max Conference taking place October 4 – 7 in Los Angeles, California (What!? You haven’t registered for MAX yet? Click Here to do so right now!). But did you know that within the MAX Awards there is a brand spanking new Education category? This is the first time in fact that educators who are fans and users of Adobe’s tools have their very own category at MAX!
Below is some information from our awesome Adobe Education team about the new Max Awards EDU Category.
Across education institutions worldwide, technology is transforming the way we teach, learn and experience campus life. In this new EDU category, we will look for ways in which Adobe solutions are improving learning, facilitating access to information and services, and enabling better collaboration across the institution. Winning applications do more than just communicate information to students; they engage students to become active participants in their learning or greatly simplify institutional productivity and administration.
Category- Specific Judging Criterion: Innovative applications of technology to improve teaching and learning, communication and collaboration or to enable education institutions to reduce operating costs and improve faculty and student services.
As Film producer/director/actor Woody Allen is often quoted, “80% of life is simply showing up”. Click the link below and show up by submitting your EDU work with technology to the Awards!
2009 MAX Awards Submission & Rules Web Page: