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Academy of Art University Students Visit Adobe

Adobe recently welcomed students from Academy of Art University at the Adobe offices in San Francisco. The AAU students are enrolled in the Web Design & New Media Online courses, are were visiting San Francisco from all over the United States, including Alabama, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, Washington, as well as California.

“We believe it is crucial to the students’ creative development to spend time on campus, engaging directly with faculty. We also like to provide our online AAU students with an inside view of professional creative environments, like the Adobe offices,” commented Fred McHale, Online Director, Web Design & New Media.

Mike McHugh, WW Technical Product Marketing Manager for Adobe, shows recent Creative Cloud tools to AAU students

Mike McHugh, WW Technical Product Marketing Manager for Adobe, shows recent Creative Cloud tools to AAU students

Students were shown demos from tools announced in the recent Creative Cloud launch, along with exciting new peeks at stealth apps to experiment with. Since the online students hail from all over the US, they were thrilled to discover a unique way to engage with one another. The students were invited to test a stealth app, and relay their feed-back during its development.

Jenny Appleton, Demo Marketing Lead, Video Segment for Adobe, shares how AAU students worked on brand identity

Jenny Appleton, Demo Marketing Lead, Video Segment for Adobe, shares how AAU students worked on brand identity

The group got to see a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of fellow AAU students, Julia Lemke and Michael Taylor, who produced the latest Creative Cloud brand identities for the Education pages of “It was eye-opening to see how Julia and Michael began their design process from a fine arts inspiration, before creating their campaign visuals with Adobe tools. This made me think about the creative process from a whole new perspective,” commented AAU student Michiel Hekker, of Iowa. View how students Make It with Creative Cloud.


The AAU students were also encouraged to apply to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards Mentorship Program, which offers portfolio reviews and mentorships to students through the Creative Cloud. “At Adobe, we offer a vast variety of ways in which students can learn, engage, and be recognized for their creative work. It is always rewarding for us to see how very innovative they become through guidance and mentorship,” added Claire Erwin, Sr. Manager Adobe Education Community.


Visiting AAU students, shown left to right, top to bottom:

Michiel Hekker, Iowa
Robert Brown, Alabama
Tarry Nwaise, Tennessee
April Nichol, California
Kelly Ryan, New Jersey (center)
Michelle Nelson, Washington
Alyssa Vallecorsa, California
Julie Ansell, Nevada

Adobe is looking forward to the AAU students’ feedback on the new stealth app, and watching how their next creative projects take shape through the Cloud.


  • By James David - 11:42 PM on July 20, 2014  

    I just spent a few years here studying Interior Architecture and Design. Now, that I’m graduated and done with the program, I have to say having gone to other schools such as FIT in NY and taking classes at local community colleges, AAU delivers the best in this field of study. You get what you pay for here. Yeah, it’s super expensive, but this is one of the best. It’s a CIDA nationally accredited curriculum (Council of Interior Design)and will look good on paper.

    Everything is state of the art here to accommodate an optimal learning experience. That would include equipment and resources. The instructors here know their material, and some are industry professionals. They offer free shuttles to different campuses around the city. They’re always having alumni guest speakers, industry professionals and other helpful speaking engagements for us to attend and learn from. I enjoyed listening to Roger Thomas speak (Wynn Hotels designer) My financial advisor was very helpful throughout the course of my study in helping me pick the right classes with a suitable workload.

    I will say this. Don’t come here thinking it will be a cakewalk because it’s art school. Every class has a good load, and if you don’t have any art experience, at least have some passion and drive. If you already have art skills, that is one of the most important skill sets you can bring to the learning table here. You will be challenged, but once you’re finished you’ll have all the tools to get you started in the real world. They even assist you after you’ve graduated with a resource site to help with getting a job and improving your resume or cover letter if you haven’t already done so.

  • By Gabriel Dualiby - 3:44 PM on July 10, 2014  

    Creativity is the most important particle of everything!