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Aaron Roberts Shares How Mason High School Treats Creativity as an Imperative, Not an Elective


Aaron Roberts, Visual Art Chair at Mason High School in Ohio, sat down with us to discuss how core subject classes, as well as traditional art classes at his school, benefit from the use of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Aaron’s specific focus at Mason High is teaching visual arts courses such as Digital Image Design, Animation, Communication Graphics, and Photography. While the use of and connection to Creative Cloud products within these disciplines is obvious, Aaron highlights the innovative ways Mason High is making creativity a top priority in their Humanities and Science courses as well. He is adamant that “Creativity is not an elective, it’s an imperative”.

For example, an English course at Mason High School contains a unit around studying propaganda, so educators assigned a project for students to create their own propaganda poster in Photoshop and InDesign. In biology, students are encouraged to create engaging presentations with the inclusion of video and animation. One student created a clever animation in After Effects for a presentation on the biology of sea stars. Additionally, Mason High School also has several online and print publications run and created by students using Adobe Creative Cloud.

High schools across the country often require some level of proficiency in commonly used programs, such as Microsoft Word, but Aaron maintains that Mason High School is forward thinking in that they also require learning in Creative Cloud. He explains, “After continuing to see the value of creativity across all curriculum, we have more students and more teachers trained in Creative Cloud products”.

For more insight into using Creative Cloud software in your K-12 classroom, click here to watch a recording of the full webinar.