By Kim Cavanaugh


July 26, 2007

Props to our fearless leaders at Adobe for pulling off this week’s Education Leader’s Camp.
First up, Megan Stewart, Adobe’s Worldwide Education Marketing director and tireless advocate for digital design tools in education. You go Megan!
Next, Johann Zimmern, K-12 Marketing Director for the U.S. Johann is the get-it-done guy who wades in when problems need to be resolved.
And finally, Jack Podell, who heads up the AEL program and is incredibly instrumental in keeping things moving along with our little group.
Thanks so much! Now, if I can just get some good pictures of the two Lisa’s we’ll be able to have all of our incredible hosts documented for posterity.


  • By Sharon Eilts - 10:04 AM on July 30, 2007  

    These three wonderful folks just have the amazing skill to make sure we AELs continue to be such a cohesive body. They faultlessly keep the backside of the program going. How, I’ll never know, but am ever so grateful.