By Kim Cavanaugh


July 26, 2007

Here at Adobe Education Leaders Camp we had an awesome session with Alan Musselman from the Fireworks team at Adobe. We had so many fervent Fireworks users in the room that for a minute I thought we might hog-tie Alan to his chair and force him to stay to talk with us about our favorite graphics application.
Alan finally escaped us, but not before we had a chance to see some of the ideas being floated around for the next version of Fireworks. Nothing that can be shared here unfortunately, but it was awesome to see what Alan and his team have in mind, AND to hear that Adobe is devoting engineering dollars into the next version of Fireworks.
Alan mentioned one of my favorite extension developers over at which I wanted to link to for the members of our group. There’s always incredible FW stuff there, so it’s definitely worth a look on a frequent basis to see what kinds of new things are out there.
Also, don’t miss Jim Babbage’s run down of Essential Extensions for Fireworks CS3 over at Community MX. Jim has a great listing there that provides a one-stop listing of some of the really cool new things that Fireworks extension developers provide.


  • By Tim Stack - 12:04 PM on July 26, 2007  

    Alan was fantastic, the roundtable with him was exactly the kind of thing I come to this conference for. He listened intently(and took copious notes) to everything we had to say as well as sharing with us the vision of where this great tool is headed.