By petr888


July 30, 2007

Our sessions at Camp re: Web 2.0 reminded me a presentation made at our Canadian conference, Leading Learning 2007 in Feb of this year, by Tim Hawes. Tim, by no small coincidence, is the Asst Manager IT of the Ottawa Carlton school board which has three schools involved with the Adobe Youth Voices project – he is very proactive, pro-student and open minded.
There are two links I think people will want to follow from his piece
– this is a wonderful film he showed that was created by Asst Prof Micheal Wesch, Kansas State University which really captures some of the idea of web 2.0
– these are Tim’s slides which will help to explain his point of view re: Web 2.0 and parts of it sound resoundlingly similar to what Kim Cavanaugh had to say. I hope all of this helps us better understand where we are going and how we’re going to somehow get there… and of course, all of this is still in beta form (LOL)