By Scott Trudeau


January 25, 2008

WebAssist has just released a great extension that allows you to easily access Adobe Kuler color palettes from within Dreamweaver. I have found this extension extremely useful. The good people at WebAssist have also decided to offer the extension for FREE!
Simply download and install the extension, open Dreamweaver, and access the Kuler extension by clicking Window > Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler. The tool palette opens and allows you to search and apply Kuler’s great looking color combinations all from within Dreamweaver.
Get it here!
So…what other FREE extensions have you found useful?


  • By Silence7 - 11:34 AM on January 25, 2008  

    The Xara Menu Maker has been useful on a couple of sites for me. You can run it as a standalone, or they also have a Dreamweaver extension.
    “Seamless integration with Dreamweaver and FrontPage so you can add and edit Menu Maker NavBars from within these popular html editors.”
    I find some of their buttons a little harsh, so I’ve taken to using their extansion to generate all the code and then design my own buttons for that code to use. Much easier than doing all the coding myself.

  • By Kim Cavanaugh - 5:45 AM on January 28, 2008  

    Hey Scott–
    That’s a great one. Web Assist also offers a nice Google plug-in extension that makes it easy to add maps, search, and even checkout to a site. Also free. 🙂

  • By Scott Trudeau - 6:23 AM on January 29, 2008  

    I have used the Google Map plug-in extension in the past and liked it enough to purchase the Pro Maps for Google extension. My map data is now being pulled from a MySQL database.
    Another Free extension that I use in the development stage of almost every site is Lorem and More.
    Pick from Latin, Shakespeare, and even business rambling. Lorem and More is a great “dummy text” generator. To download google “Lorem and More.”