By Kim Cavanaugh


February 6, 2008

We’re ramping things up in our school district for one of the biggest events of our teacher’s year–our annual technology conference held every Spring.
You betcha. In a district as large as ours we have a vast audience to draw from, and this year we expect to have 2,500 teachers and their principals on hand for the big event.
So, what’s that have to do with student work? It’s the big design competition that happens to be one my favorite part’s of the big event.
Every year we hold an open competition for students to design the cover of the conference program, and this year’s winning entry is a real stunner. Created in Photoshop (big surprise there), the depth and detail of Javon’s design, seen here in a slide show view of the top three finishers, really pops and shows a wonderful sense of balance, scale and proportion. I can’t wait to see this one on paper!
I know Javon is dedicated and passionate about his craft (he finished second last year), and I’m looking forward to handing him an Adobe Master Collection and a small check as his prize for winning this year’s competition.
I don’t have any doubt in my mind which one he’ll be most excited about.