By John Schuman


April 2, 2008

Do you get excited about new cutting edge interactive software?
Do you like squashing bugs?
Are you willing and able to install software that might be “less than stable”?
If you answered yes to all of these questions then the Adobe Flash team wants to talk to you! The Flash team is current is currently seeking beta testers from the education community. If you are interested, please send me a message!
John Schuman
Education Solutions Architect
Adobe Systems Inc.


  • By Kim Caise - 11:39 PM on May 26, 2008  

    I would be interested in participating in the Flash Beta testing.

  • By Patrick McCormick - 1:26 PM on June 20, 2008  

    Count me in!

  • By Darlene A. Olney - 1:11 PM on June 23, 2008  

    Dear Kim Caise:
    RE: Flash Beta tester
    I am very interested in any form of beta testing you have available at this time.
    I have been a beta tester of platforms and software in the remote past with the first being on Windows 3.1, other programs and software on multiple platforms relating to medical transcription and dictation, as well as recently in the computer networking tech fields.
    I am a current student in Business and Information Technology with two semesters left relating to Website Design & Management. I do have experience using most Adobe products for my future endeavors.
    Please contact me as soon as possible as I would love to peruse and test CS3 in any form, as the extra experience would greatly enhance my abilities with the Adobe products.
    Thank you for your consideration and time.
    Darlene A. Olney

  • By emily kay - 10:57 AM on June 24, 2008  

    I would like to participate in testing the beta version. I produce training DVD’s for flash as well as teach college course in flash.

  • By David Scott VanMeter - 9:03 AM on July 1, 2008  

    I’ve done some beta testing before for Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Very interested in participating. Please review my account for confirmation of such.
    Thanks for any consideration.