By Scott Trudeau


May 22, 2008

I have to admit, for a long time I thought that Acrobat was a boring (but useful) application. Acrobat sat on my computer like an obedient dog and, on my command, turned my Word and Excel documents into PDFs. Boring…but useful.
As I started to learn more about Acrobat I realized that it contained a slew of “hidden gems” under the hood. I also learned that you can make a button in Acrobat that can do just about anything.
– Submit a form via email
– Print button
– Open a file
– hyperlink to a web site
– Play, Pause, and stop a movie
– and more…
To get you started here is a simple tutorial for creating a print button:
1. Open or create a PDF document
2. Click Tools > Forms > Show Forms Tool Bar
3. Click the button tool (the “OK” button)
4. Drag out a button onto your document, the Button Properties dialogue will open
5. (General tab)Name the button – this is not the label that will appear on the button
6. Click on the appearance tab and select desired colors
7. Click on the Options tab and add a label – this is the text that will appear on the button
8. Click on the Actions tab. Make sure the “Select Trigger” dropdown displays the “Mouse Up” value
9. Make sure the “Select Action” dropdown displays the “Execute a menu item” value
10. Click the Add button and choose File>Print
11. Click the OK button and click the Close button.
12. DONE! Test the button by clicking on the Hand Tool (it looks like a white glove)
13. When the end user clicks the button the print dialogue should open, just as if they clicked File>Print


  • By Robert Gomez - 10:17 PM on July 30, 2008  

    Thanks that worked perfectly, quick question if sending a form out via the email button, how do I ensure that the attachment is also a PDF?

  • By Lacey S - 6:39 PM on July 7, 2010  

    how do i get that print button on every page of my PDF or create it in the original InDesign file?

  • By Brian - 6:58 PM on November 12, 2010  

    Can I specify to manually feed to printer of the pdf with a print button?

  • By Niraa - 1:44 AM on January 25, 2011  

    This was very helpful. Thanks!

  • By Christy - 4:02 PM on May 25, 2011  

    I have the Adobe Pro version and the “button” is NOT an option under my forms. Do you know why that would be?

    • By Tony - 7:07 PM on January 25, 2012  

      @Christy: The Button option is found in the “Tools” > “Advanced Editing” option in Acrobat Pro’s top navigation bar (or in the “Advanced Editing” tool panel if you have it open — here, it’s the icon with the “OK” inside a gray rectangle box, just below the arrow “Select Object” tool).

  • By Charles - 7:19 PM on March 31, 2012  

    Why can’t I find the action email document in the list of actions?

  • By Carol - 7:54 PM on April 18, 2012  

    This works great on my local machine, but when I upload it to a website nothing happens when you try to click on the button. What am I doing wrong?? thanks!

  • By Romeo Vadnais - 2:44 PM on May 11, 2012  

    Print button works okay however, when the READER opens the pdf it thinks there is a “FORM” on the page and not a simple PRINT command button. ie., the adobe reader says to fill out the form etc., but there is no form. Can anyone help me?

  • By Tim Fink - 1:00 AM on June 27, 2012  

    It is just the way Acrobat and Reader react when any kind of form field is in a PDF. Yes, a button is a form field, technically. Just overlook the notice about the form filling.

  • By Berry - 5:12 PM on March 18, 2013  

    I need to create a button that is designed to Print Selected Page Only in Acrobat 9 Pro

  • By Sarah - 2:38 AM on May 23, 2013  

    Thanks for sharing, but how can I made it like 3D button, like the one we use to get in Pro 8?

  • By Jeannie - 12:57 PM on June 14, 2013  

    I also need to create a button that is designed to print selected pages only. Is this even possible?

  • By Terry Walker - 10:17 PM on July 18, 2013  

    I have an issue where this print function does not work. When the the button is clicked nothing happens. Are they any security features that need to be enabled?