By Art Wolinsky


August 5, 2008

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…
This entry is actually the first of two entries, but I created it a week ago and forgot to publish it. The second entry was published a few hours ago. So I guess today will be a double header.
sydney.JPG Sexual predators use specific ploys to ensnare their victims. Later this year, the Child Safety Research and Innovation Center (CSRIC), a Canadian online safety charity, will be releasing an adventure game aimed at elementary school children.
Sydney Safe-Seeker and the Incredible Journey Home multimedia game provides an interactive exploratory environment where the children ages 5 – 10 are asked to make decisions based on game scenes that were developed to mirror real and sometimes dangerous situations. The game actually measures and reports back to teachers and parents the vulnerability of the child to ten different ploys used by sexual predators.
In addition to measuring and reporting, the game develops safe habits through the use of prompts and feedback during the course of the game. The more the child plays, the more they learn about safety.
Here’s an
interactive animation
that was created using characters from the game. It will provide you with information about the ten ploys used by face to face predators.
Thanks to Adobe Acrobat 9, multimedia can now be embedded in the PDF. If you would like this blog and animation in PDF format that you can send to others, just right-click here and select Save File As… or Save Link As…