By Art Wolinsky


August 12, 2008

onlinepredators.JPGIn my last blog I showed you the ten ploys face to face predators use to lure children. Today I’m going to provide you with a Flash animation that shows how these same ten ploys work online.
Remember the online sexual predator picture as portrayed by the press is over stated. Predators don’t usually hide their age or the purpose of meetings. Children go knowingly and willingly.
It is really only a small segment of the teen population that is at risk. They are the teens who would be at risk off line. Often they are sexually active and have a lot of issues in their lives.
However, a small percentage of that small percentage are youth who are groomed a lured into meetings without knowing they are in for trouble. Whether it is off line or online, this can be prevented by having frank talks with your children about predators and how they work.
Here’s the Flash animation of The Ten Ploys Sexual Predators Use Online. If you would like to download and send this blog and animation to someone as an Acrobat 9 PDF Right-click here and save the file or link to your computer.
In my next blog, I’ll give you a preview of Sydney Safe Seaker, the video game that measures a child’s susceptibility to the ten ploys used by sexual predators.


  • By Luke - 12:51 PM on August 18, 2008  

    I’d love to know what research was used to compile this information. Do you know where this comes from and how I can get a copy of the information?