By Scott Trudeau


October 24, 2008

Halloween is the perfect time for the high school, junior high, and middle school masses to rise up and demand the death of the good ol’ “how-to” paper!
If I read another “how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee” or “how to brush your teeth” or “how to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich” I’m going to let out a gut wrenching, Nightmare on Elm Street, horror movie- styled scream (perhaps a yell…scream sounds a bit girly).
But there is hope! “Zombies in Plain English,” is a 3-minute video short that describes how to survive the Halloween season with your “brain intact.” It is also a prime example of an engaging and creative how-to paper.
Oh yeah, there is only one thing cooler than a zombie how-to paper. A zombie how-to paper followed with a zombie technology project. After the students have penned their how-to master piece, let them turn it into a video!
“Zombies in Plain English” doesn’t use fancy Hollywood special effects. It uses simple drawings and a good narration. Armed with a computer and some inexpensive video editing software (think Adobe Premiere Elements) students could easily create an exciting and engaging DIGITAL how-to PROJECT.
So rise up, and drive a stake through the heart of the traditional how-to paper!