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November 30, 2008

Online Comprehensive School Guidance Program

The American School Counselor Association’s National Model includes a Delivery
System. The Delivery System includes four components of a Guidance Curriculum,
Individual Student Planning, Responsive Services, and System Support. I would like all
School Counselors to become aware of a company called Envictus. Envictus is dedicated
toward the goal of helping all students become College and Career Ready. They are
innovative and leaders in the development of online guidance programs. The latest web-based
guidance curriculum in development is called Navigation101, which can help
counselors and schools build a successful school guidance program. Navigation101
works in concert with key “offline” components such as advisory, portfolios, student-led
conferences, student-driven scheduling, and using data.
For Counselors & Schools
Dave Forrester
Adobe Education Leader

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November 17, 2008

Adobe Acrobat – Basic Form Calculations Made Easy!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to sign up for a FREE account I suggest you do so in the near future.  You get a handful of some really fantastic tools which include Buzzword,  Adobe Connect Now, a PDF tool, and some online storage space.  Buzzword is the perfect application for laying out a document that will eventually be turned into a PDF interactive form in Acrobat 9.

Acrobat 9 is Adobe’s newest PDF publication tool and the Adobe “wizards” have made it easier than ever to turn a simple document into an interactive PDF.  In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to:

  • layout a form using Adobe’s free Buzzword service (really cool)
  • export the file to PDF
  • convert the PDF to a digital form using Acrobat 9’s “Form Field Wizard”
  • configure the fields to calculate form data

Scott Trudeau

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November 16, 2008

Using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro to Create Professional Staff Development Workshops

I have been using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro for the past couple of years and have discovered four professional staff development workshop models which anyone can create and deploy. The models are from beginner to advanced. A person just needs Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and/or Presenter 7, a Powerpoint, a simple VoIP headset and/or microphone and an audience. I have provided everyone with a link to four Powerpoint slides that will visually describe the set-up and resources needed to create and deploy these types of workshops.
Staff Development Workshop Models
Dave Forrester
Adobe Education Leader

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November 2, 2008

Cyberbullying Toolkit is in the process of developing a Cyberbullying Toolkit for schools that will contain resources of all types including policy, risk assessment, video, animations, games and classroom lessons.
Most if the material in the tool kit has been developed using Adobe Presenter, Acrobat, Director, and Flash.
Thanks to the generosity and support of Adobe and others, the toolkit will be available FREE to anyone.
I use Moodle as a cyber sandbox for testing. If you would like an advanced peek at a few of the activities that will be in the toolkit, you can visit the sandbox using the following guest login.
Go to
Username: toolkit
Password: wiredsafety
There is a feedback forum. Your questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated.
If you would like to be notified when the toolkit is available, just send an email to art at wiredsafety dot com.

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