By Scott Trudeau


December 12, 2008

Happy Holidays!
I was browsing my neighborhood grocery store looking for a turkey to fry when I glanced down and discovered a Turducken! Now, I had always thought a turducken was something conjured up in fables and fairytales; but there it sat, like some sort of monster from a Mary Shelley novel, all packaged up and ready for holiday consumption.
The first thought that crossed my mind was “YUCK”, the second thought was, “This would make one heck of a Photoshop project!”
Watch the tutorial. (You may need to resize your browser window to adjust the size of the video)
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Scott Trudeau


  • By Ann Sodam - 8:43 AM on March 23, 2009  

    This is so cool. I will be teaching Adobe Creative Suite to 6-8th graders next year and am searching (frantically) for resources to use. If anyone has any more great examples like this, I would love a heads up.