By Ross Wallis


January 26, 2009

A week has now passed since the Bett show at Olympia in London, and I am gradually getting back to the idea of being in school. Catching up and finding my feet again.
But what a show! It was grand to see Adobe folk from San Fran, to talk to them over breakfast, at the top of a tower block on the Thames, and on the stand.
There were a number of us UK AEL’s on the stand, presenting the work that we do in schools and colleges, talking to passers by, answering questions – great to be able to solve problems for people (interesting the number of folk who just want to tell you what they are doing with Adobe software) – and generally being a presence. Lots of coffee to keep it all buzzing. Liz doing a grand job, organising the stand, getting everything together. The stand worked well and looked brilliant.
AEL’s wore black polo shirts, Adobe folk wore purple – so difficult questions could be fielded towards the right coloured shirt! Adobe badges went like candy.
I got some really good feedback from the presentations that I gave:
“Really enjoyed the talk yesterday…Real stuff actually happening in/near a classroom.”
“I really enjoyed your talk on Friday… The time flew by and I really liked the way you came across. I was sat there thinking “my mate who`s head of Creative Arts would love this” I could hear the noises of excitement that she`d make if she`d been there.”
And I got as much from having the opportunity to give the presentations. It was also magic to have time to watch the other presentations, both from AEL’s and from Adobe experts. CS4 is pretty fantastic!
Back in school again today, and having fun with Photoshop, inspired by a demonstration of Greg’s – the ‘Photoshop Ping-Pong’
Determined to do more with Captivate.
It is a privilege to be a part of the Adobe machine, and get a chance to rave over the creative possibilities of the software.
But the greatest privilege is the opportunity to share creative ideas, to be a part of a community – feel a part of a community, and to have the opportunity to take this out to a wider community. All those people sort of things!